Picture De Jour

It's a fairly well-known fact that we enjoy watching UFC fights. While watching a fight years ago, I snapped this pic of Daddy and Timo locked in a fierce hug.


Santa's Toy bag is good to all ages

Christmas is always a wonderful adventure in the Rigby home. Some have been skimpy on the getting side but we are always plentiful love givers.
This year was a perfect year. Santa knocked on the front door and Mommy and Daddy invited him in to place toys under our tree...

No-e-balogn-e was super excited to get Elmo Up Up, new clothes, and lots and lots of yummy candy.

Timo had been going on and on about a cap gun he wanted, so we let in and he became "Timo Six Shooter". It was complete with a bandana, holster, and over 2000 caps to go bang bang.

Eric is secretly a transformer. Well, maybe it's not too much of a secret but it is definitely an obsession. Sometimes when he's telling a story it is almost like he forgets that it wasn't reality.

And Daddy's sock was full of goodies, a Barack Obama book, candy, cologne, and of course, Full Throttle.

I received a very pretty watch, lotion, a beautiful Fry Daddy, pots and pans, a Boise State shower curtain and pot holder, cooking tongs, and much more!

I hope that everyone else had a very Merry Christmas and is gearing up for a Happy New Year!


Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays!

In all the hustle and bustle of this time of year, I most enjoy spending exciting moments with my boys.

The other night, we decorated Sugar Cookies with piles and piles of frosting. The boys each have their own ways of taste testing the material before, during, and after the baking begins.

Noah was so excited to see this much sugar all in one place!

Don't poke that too far into your mouth, crazy kido!

And Eric twists his tongue to get every last little speck. The human dish washer!

Now that it's Christmas Eve and we are super close to Santa Claus coming down the chimney, there is definitely a buzz in the air and boys brimming with readiness.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
We love you all very much, from the Rigby house


More busy crazy life!

Well, I don't actually have a picture to add today, but hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow. Currently we are experiencing technical difficulties with the internet in our home (due to our fault).

But, to all my loyal readers, I knew you would want an update on how we are doing!

Well, I will start with me and the big guy, self nicknamed "Big Rig". We are both doing good. I have been busy working at Target, doing school (I just completed my second block of courses two weeks ago), and spending the remaining time with my boys. Jeremy is such a wonderful husband to me and is getting very restless without a job right now, but the economy is still really slow...

Eric has lost a few more teeth since his birthday. Both of the top front two are gone (but starting to grow in), and the two bottom teeth right next to the front ones are also gone. It looks really silly, but adorable. He is learning a line for a Christmas program he is doing in class, hopefully I will be able to record it and post it for you to see him.

Timo is starting to tie his shoes now and he is so independent with a streak of needing his mommy all the time. I have realized how much he is like me lately, he talks non-stop, he can be right next to someone all the time, and he is super duper clumsy.

Noah has these totally chubby cheeks and a beautiful smile that can light up your world. Once he gets mad, though, look out! Out of all the boys, he definitely has the worst temper.

And Mikey is almost 8 months old. He can sit up and almost crawls, but it is funny looking because he is really skinny looking. His weight is very normal and he is not too skinny, he just has more length than his brothers ever did at this age.

I am super excited for Christmas and looking forward to celebrating our Savior's birthday with my little boys.

If you check back tomorrow, hopefully you will be able to see updated pictures of my family!


Happy Birthday to Eric!

Well, Eric is finally 7!

Jeremy posted an amazing blog about our little man that I could never even compete with! So please go take a look.

Jeremy's blog


The studly man himself...

Just in case you all don't already know, I am married to an absolutely wonderful man. Jeremy is as sweet and amazing as they come!

Hmmm, maybe I should do a list of things that I adore about the man I married...

1. Not only is he a pretty face to look at but he's super funny.
2. His arms have the super human power to make me feel surrounded by love.
3. He really, really loves our boys. And I don't mean just kinda, he 400% loves them!
4. He wants to become a better person, and he makes me want to become better too,


5. He has amazing strong arm muscles (especially the triceps).

I mean, just look at him...

Just don't drool, he's all mine!


Wishing upon a star

Not having a running vehicle means a lot of walking. And I truly mean a lot! There are a few drawbacks to having to walk every where.

First of all, you have to plan on using up more time and energy. Plus, with colder weather you really have to bundle up. And the other day, it even started snowing the smallest snow flakes ever right on me! It's also difficult to do any real grocery shopping, carrying a gallon of milk even a few blocks can get pretty heavy fast.

But I have also noticed some wonderful things too...

Walking has shown me a beautiful side of the moon and stars. It has also given me quality time to spend with my big boys, Eric and Timo.

The other night as the three of us were beginning our walk to Maverick, Eric looked up and clearly saw the bright, guiding North Star. When he noticed it, he said that we should all make a wish on it. As we each silently closed our eyes and mentally said our wishes, I remembered back on my simple childhood days of believing those wishes will come true. After just a few moments, Eric told me that we can't tell anyone our wish or it won't come true.

Then he told me that he made a wish before that didn't come true. Out of complete curiousity, I asked what that wish was for. Expecting him to say a new toy or candy bar, I was surprised to hear him say that he had wished to have the power to fly like Superman. He was truly disappointed that his wish didn't come true.

Walking back and forth everywhere we need to go has opened my eyes to the importance of spending time with our kids now, before they get too old to make a wish upon a star.


"Donkey, two things okay? Shut...up." - Shrek

I love movies! I love to sit in a dark room with a nice big bowl of popcorn and "vegg-out".

So I've put together a list of great movie quotes that can be used again and again, see how many you can get right. The winner gets a great big Becka hug!

1. "I'm always on the lookout for the next ex-Mrs. Malcolm."

2. "My Mama says that alligators are so ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush."

3. "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

4. "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse."

5. "Great Scott!"

6. "There is no try, only do."

7. "You're my best good friend."

8. "Nice skis...they yours? Both of them? Cool."

9. "I just can't do it captain... I don't have the power!"

10. "I've got the need... the need for the speed!"

11. "Life's a garden... dig it."

12. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and take a look around, you might miss it."

13. "Luke... I ammm your faaaattthhherrrrrr."

14. "If we wanted us a couple of wussies we would've named them Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman."

Let the games begin!


Evolving in a world created by Heavenly Father

In my college English 102 course, I have to write a 2,500 word research paper on the topic of teaching evolution and creationism equally in schools. I have learned a lot from these upper-level English classes. Things I would never have even thought to ask before.

Who knew that evolution vs. creationism could be such an interesting topic to a girl from small town Idaho? Well, if you are one who is surprised, you're not alone. I am absolutely shocked that I have become passionate about these sort of topics. never the less, as I grow up and watch my boys grow up, I realize more and more every day that these specific topics can and will affect our future generations. Do I want the theory of evolution to completely over-shadow our central belief in a creator? Absolutely not! But I am all for healthy discussion and contemplation regarding both theories to allow our youth to make educated decisions.

To put it simply, everything that survives, evolves...

Mickey Mouse, 1928...

He has skinny arms and legs and wore smaller shoes.

Mickey, circa 1940...

His cute tail became longer, his shoes sprouted a few sizes, and he began wearing white gloves.

... Mickey, now...

...our beloved buddy has gained a little weight, changed shoes a time or two, and introduced us to his friends, Goofy, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and even Pluto.

I love seeing how things evolve: friendships, a child's mind, houses into homes.

But above all of this, how can a person refute Heavenly Father's creative hands when looking into your newborns face, or seeing the first of many perfect smiles?


Happy Halloween!

First of all, I would like to say that I am not just slacking on my blogging, I have been really busy! School is kicking my behind right now, and work is well, crazy!
I will try to be better this month!

This year, since my camera is still broken, I decided that i would post other pictures to give you an idea of our halloween evening...

Mikey was a itty-bitty teddy bear, who sucked on his thumb all night, before hibernating.

Noah was a frog with yellow and green spots on his face. Ribbett - Ribbett.

Timo showed off his huge muscles as the Incredible Hulk. (Very intimidating)

Eric was a football head, wearing sporty pajamies with a face painted as a football.

I joined in by being a beautiful butterfly.

And Jeremy was of course, the most outrageous Boise State football fan!


My Testimony

Lately, I have realized how lucky and truly thankful I am for the gospel. There are many things in life that I am confused about and the one thing I am 100% sure on is my belief in our church. Since I am feeling so overwhelmed with emotion lately, I thought I would send some words of testimony out into blogger-space...

I know without a doubt that Heaven Father loves us. I know that He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be our Savior. I know that heavenly Father and Jesus live and are preparing to have us join them in Heaven.

I know that if we strive to live the teachings of the gospel, our families will be strengthened and we will be able to with stand anything.

I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for giving me such a wonderful man to share my life with. I am thankful that I have four beautiful boys that I get to help raise. I am so super thankful for my knowledge and belief in my eternal family.

Heavenly Father loves us all so much, and in a world of busy days, I wanted to take the time to tell all of you how much you mean to me and my family.

This is my testimony that I bear to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Football Family

Kellen Moore and the Broncos take on the Warriors tonight and we are pumped up and excited for the next great showing.

Starting back in 2003, when we first moved to Boise, we have watched and grown to love those Broncos. Jeremy is crazy and beautiful and a huge fan! Every week, I learn more about the team and game.

Eric still basically eats, sleeps and breathes football. Last year, from Santa, he desperately wanted to get those funny little elves to build him some cleats and after many late night phone calls to Santa, we got the go-ahead. Sure enough, under that Christmas tree were some cleats just for Eric.

When we are playing out in the yard, he really can burn past me. Juking this way and that, dodging me and even running right past me...

I love football. I love how the weather can play such a big part of the game. Football is played in all types of weather. The beginning of the season is sticky and hot, the middle is cooler, and by the end it is freezing cold.


Timo is Cool!

Just a few short years ago, whenever I wanted a quick change I would immediately dye my hair. Really, really red, brunette, golden blonde, bleach blonde, bleach blonde with hot pink underneath, a true array of colors. Once, within a two day time frame, I seriously dyed my hair four times. It actually turned gray for about 4 hours! Jeremy can attest to that one.

I am proud and a little surprised to say that I haven't dyed my hair in about 10 months. I haven't even thought of doing it, which is extremely abnormal for me.

Late last night, I really wanted to make a small change, but this time, instead of picking on my already damaged scalp, I turned to Timo. I decided to give him a buzz cut, and turned it into an amazingly drastic mohawk!

This particular style is in respect of an Ultimate Fighter that Jeremy and I are fans of, Chuck "The IceMan" Liddell.

I am unsure of how long we will allow this style to stay in the family, but if anyone in this crazy house could pull this look off, it is definitely our Timo.

College Girl Update!

Well, two weeks ago I finished my first block of classes from the University of Phoenix. I had two courses, English 101 and Skills for Learning in an Info Age (Gen 105).

I proudly report to all of you, that I received A's in both courses and am now further along in my education to become an Elementary Teacher!

If this sounds too bragadocious - I'm really sorry! I am just proud and thankful to my whole family for their support and encouragement!

Thank you!


As Busy As Boys

Busy boys. I'm actually at a loss for words today. Whenever I go shopping with all four boys, random people always comment about how "full" my hands must be. It never fails, and I just laugh and smile...

The boys definitely keep me busy, but they can also make the gloomiest mood disappear.

Eric and Timo have proven to be wonderful helpers with Mikey. And Noah loves to help out when he can too. Yesterday, while Eric was packing Mikey around like a doll, he decided it was "bed-time" and tucked him into Noah's big boy bed! It was so cute, so I snapped this picture...

To share with you!


An Indian Summer

The past few days have really reminded me what I love about living in Idaho.

Indian Summers.

Yesterday was warm enough for the boys to play outside in the water and today was super warm too. Late summer/early fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. It has usually cooled off some, but is still bright and sunny.

The sun gives me energy and the desire to go out side to play. Lately we have been spending our evenings playing football with the boys until the sun goes down. It is a perfect time to relax and calm down enough for "inside voices."

At the end of each summer, though, I always get excited for the leaves to turn red, orange, and brown and slowly come floating down to cover the ground. Walking through piles of crunchy leaves, making large mounds to run through. By far, my favorite is taking an afternoon drive down a tree-covered lane, speeding over leaves that are piled on the sides of the roads. Making them scurry around, fighting in the air.

So, I welcome the slightly-cooler weather of fall to reign down upon us.


Noah is 2!!!

Today is our little Noah's second birthday! He seems to get bigger and more independent every day, so I enjoy looking back on his first full day of life in our family. The enjoyable thing about remembering an infant is that a mommy can always remember them as being so happy. Perfect is the only word to describe those first few moments of life.

Today, Noah is an independent, rough n' tumble, and sometimes bossy little boy. One moment he will walk up to us and say "I lub lou," shrug his shoulders and showers us with smiles. But when he gets upset, a different side comes out. His face will literally turn red, clenches his fists, and hollers "DONE!" Either way, he is our special little guy, very much alike his brothers and very much his own person.

We love everything about Noah Jeremy Rigby. Happy Birthday, Beep-Beep!


Afghans and More...

I have been busy making special afghans for some very extraordinary people in my life. It is a hobby/craft that I both enjoy immensely and take very seriously.

So, today, I present my two newest afghan additions to the world, via blogger...

This light, bright, and cozy afghan was hand made with love for a wonderful woman. It is a surprise afghan, so I can't give away the name of the recipient yet, but I sure hope she will love it and use it daily.

Pint-sized and sweet, this afghan is for a future addition to the Hope/Hatch family, second child to Jessica and Travis Hatch, mine and Jeremy's neice and nephew. He still has a few months until his due day, but we are anxiously awaiting his arrival. So, happy (way-early) birthday, little Felix Norman Hatch. We love you already.

On a completely unrelated note, my Eric is such a sweet, smart, active little boy, I couldn't help but post this picture of him.

A true Bronco Football fan.


A Bronco Game Day in the Rigby House

Admittedly, I haven't always been a huge fan of football, but in this house of boys, I have learned to ask questions. Sometimes many, many questions. (Like the time this weekend when I turned to Jeremy and said "Kellen hasn't thrown an interception yet, right?" and received a cursed look, and moments later was horrified when Moore was picked off for the first time in his college career. P.S. Sorry, Kellen.) It has been a long road, but as long as Boise State is around to teach me, I'm a willing learner.

We have a special arrangement here on Bronco Game Days. Whether it is Saturday, Wednesday, or Thursday, we know that when the Broncos come running out of that helmet, we will be in for a show.

I fix the good-eats, while Jeremy and the boys warm up outside, Jeremy as QB and Eric as "the playmaker", Timo gets the honor of being a dual player, defense and butterfly catcher.

In the kitchen, I busily get the food ready for kick off. Cheese balls, jalepeno poppers, shrimp, chips and dips, and my weekend specialty Buffalo Wings. We start eating at kickoff and (depending on how the game is being played out) we either it really fast or are too nervous to eat anything...

This past Saturday, we played a huge game! At the notoriously loud Autzen Stadium against the Oregon Ducks. Going into the game as underdogs, the players had a huge point to prove, and prove it they did!

We blew the Ducks out of the water in the first half 24 to 6, and in the second half stayed ahead of them for the win. This game was full of big hits and even bigger hurts. Boise State playmaker #19, Vinny Perretta took a huge hit while bringing down a huge catch, landing on his shoulder and laying motionless for a few moments. I was near tears as the TV station took a commercial break... and when they returned he was thankfully up, rattled but okay.

These players may not know it now, but we're buddies. Life-long buddies... not in some weird stalker kind of way, just a friendly, I'll follow you closely kind of way...

And just a note for all the upcoming BSU opponents...

Move out of the way, it's Bronco Nation coming through!


Noah's upcoming birthday

You may be able to tell that my two middle babies are spending the week at JoJo's house in Wendell, Idaho. Don't get me wrong, a break is always great and needed (especially in the last few weeks of my college courses) but I miss them like crazy...

Two and a half years ago, we celebrated our little Timo's 2nd birthday. Now, as we are only 10 days away from happily and heartily wishing a very happy 2nd birthday to Noah, I think back on how small Timo was. We were lucky enough to be attending the very special wedding of Neice Jessica to Nephew Travis in Tacoma, Washington. After the ceremony, we spent a night with Jeremy's wonderful and generous Uncle Duane and Aunt Pam. They helped us celebrate Timo's big boy birthday with cake, ice cream, more cake, and well, you get the picture. We were all stuffed.

It is so strange to look back on these pictures now, when Timo is so big and adventurous. Every few months, he seems to have a growth spurt and then one morning I wake up and see him in a totally new way. Now, he is able to ride a big boy bike with no training wheels, and he wakes me up every morning with hugs and kisses (and then, "Mommy, can we have some cereal?") Timo is a loving, generous, spunky little ball of fun and giggles. We love him so super much.

Especially when looking at old pictures, the strangest feeling comes over me. I realize that Noah will be turning 2 in just over a week and in a blink of an eye will be ready for kindergarten to start. It's a constant reminder to play with them now while we are their most important friends.

P.S. I have included a picture of our wonderful beautiful JoJo for reference.


Cow + Heart = Yummy!

Today, Jeremy, Timo, Eric and I all tried a brand new menu item. Cow's Heart.
It was surprisingly (hearty?) good. I know, this is turning into a regular thing with blogging about our food adventures. But I take my food very, very seriously. I enjoy eating. I love thinking about my next meal. I ponder spices and mixing different textures for the next taste explosion.
The only different between eating a rump roast and the heart is psychological. With the first few bites I put in my mouth, I thought "Wow, I'm eating a COW'S HEART!" But truthfully, it wasn't bad at all.

You may be asking what prompted Jeremy and I to experiment and try different foods. Well, my little explorer friends, it began with a TV show (Bizaar Foods with Andrew Zimern.) This daring dude travels all over the world eating all sorts of weird things. Some things are still too crazy for me, but we thought "If he can do it, so can we." The internet is amazing at giving tips at cooking and we just throw caution to the wind and are in for a ride...

Next up? Cow's Tongue or maybe Pork Tripe? I don't know, that's what makes it an adventure.


A few new items of fun this week

Sunday night, Jeremy, the boys and I all tried a brand new item for dinner. Straight from the Rigby kitchen. It was wild and crazy. We bought 4 little baby octopus from our Fred Meyer store and decided to figure out how to cook them up. The internet is the most awesome invention ever! We decided on a simple yet delicious sounding recipe and gathered our ingredients. Throwing the octopus into the pan was a frightening experience for me... they seemed to come alive and were stretching and wriggling all over the place. So, we sat down to eat as a whole family and to my surprise, both Eric and Timo were willing to try it with us.
It was not the first time for us having octopus (it was actually the second) and Jeremy and the boys liked it - a lot! I ate the legs and some of the body and I even thought it tasted okay, but when I popped the rest into my mouth, I couldn't seem to chew it and actually swallow, so long story shorter... I didn't. I know, I know, a disappointment for the second time (I couldn't finish eating the other one either.) But I'd gladly try again.

Tuesday afternoon we were able to trade our beat up 1998 Nissan Quest for a still beat up but nicer 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan. It is older, but runs better, has newer tires, and is not tagged with a big orange 35 on the side. Our new ride definitely has some potential.

Pita Bread is amazing! I never knew the fabulous world of flat unleavened breads. We recently purchased a beautiful greek pita bread and some gyro meat, to make our own gyros. Well, come to find out pita bread can also make a few other delicious items... such as the self discovered "pita pizza" or the closely related "fajita pita." Not only are these tasty tidbits on my tongue, they are enjoyable to say. So, I chant... "Pita, Pita, Pita"
Sorry, the pita went straight to my brain and clogged it for a moment.