HoorAAy for me!

Shameless, I know. How can I be a good internet citizen and totally, un-abashedly promote myself on this - my personal weblog?

Well, my friends, the answer is two-fold.

I officially only have 8 more weeks until I am considered a college sophomore! And on top of that, I just Aced both of my previous courses! (Yes, yes, big pat on the back!) I was taking a Contemporary American Education course along with American Political Sciences. Thank you all for your support during this triumphant time, soon you will be seeing my official University of Phoenix diploma on this very website! (Well, that's only if you call 2 and 1/2 more years soon)

Yeah, that's right!

And my other answer for promoting myself today is that...


I found a cute, mildly-retarded comic strip and LMTO (laughed my tookus off).


Crazy Beautiful

We are officially past the first birthdays of the year! Mikey is one! He stands against the couch and tries to walk along side it, so so so adorable! He is probably the cutest kiddo ever! (I may be a tad bit biased since, you know, he's mine and everything. But just a tad bit!)

Timo got a cool skateboard and jammies for his fifth b-day. He is our little alternative punk. He is so crazy and a total goofball, which you can see in this picture. If you have a second, you should click on it to enlarge and check out the boy that's hanging out in the doorway, chubby.

Jeremy has been filling up his time at home with the boys by taking gorgeous pictures of random things. He has a knack for seeing art in common items, and when he snaps the pic it is a beautiful piece of artwork. Here's one of my favorites!!!


Happy Easter!

After a very quiet weekend of the three oldest boys staying two nights at their favorite cousin Jojo's house, they came home. And to top the excitement of that, it's Easter Sunday!

The boys came home with bunches of candy and good treats. Plus some new toys. Fun!

My favorite flower is an easter lily, so I was sitting here (supposed to be doing homework) and I thought to myself "Self, what better way is there to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful, magnificent Easter than to send everyone a digital easter lily?"

To my amazement, myself spoke back "Self #1, there is no better way! Do it now!"

And I did. Enjoy!


Updated family photo and Baby Mike

The rain will not stop the passionate Boise State Bronco true Fans!

Yesterday, we dragged the boys along with us to a scrimmage. It is so fun to watch these practices! As a fan, you get the true spirit of each player. Some players go all out and play super hard, others perform okay.

Then, just today, Jeremy photographed Mikey doing his very favorite thing in the whole world, eating!!! He is getting chunky, super-chunky!


More pictures of the kids

It is completely possible that Mikey is the cutest Rigby ever! He does this thing where he tips his head to the side and is just plain adorable.

Amatuer photographer, Jeremy, snapped this photo of Mikey man a few days ago. He is looking through the lid of a food saver container. I love how the picture is faded in just the right areas, and the color is perfect. Good job and very original, honey!

Timo and Noah have been afraid of swings (yes, even baby swings) for as long as I can remember. But yesterday all the boys wanted to swing. We had them all going at the same time. Very, very silly!

Seven year old Eric is an athletic boy. He was climbing trees, jumping off stuff, running, even having a bottle battle with Timo! Fun times at the park in wonderful weather!


Chili Con Carne

Yesterday, I was successful in my second attempt at making delicious homemade chili. I basically just mixed a few cans of beans, with some tomato paste, and chunks of tender meat. Then I let the pot do all the work, simmering and simmering, top with a handful of cheese, and chow down.

Today, Jeremy and I enjoyed the leftovers for lunch. Normally, I am not a big fan of leftovers, but the chili was super delicious today, too!

On the other hand, our house is experiencing a tad bit of the effects of too many delicious beans!


Sunday Snapshots

I know, I know, it's quite a shock to have another post so soon! In my defense, though, I was looking through pictures on Jeremy's webshot page and specifically remembered Timo's 2nd Birthday!

It's strange to look at pictures and see how different, yet the same he was way back when.

I remember that we were visiting family in Tacoma, Washington for our beautiful niece, Jessica's, wedding. We spent one night in Lacey, with Uncle Duane and Aunt Pam, and had a birthday party for 2 year old Timo.

He ate and ate and ate with an impossible appetite and to this day, he is constantly taking inventory of how much everyone has eaten and the amount of food left, always being the first to ask what we will be eating for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The closer we get to his birthday, more memories surface from when he was teeny tiny and absolutely adorable.


A Good-bye Blog

The youngest of four kids, I was a super-energetic, young girl who dreamed of becoming an important doctor. You know, the familiar dream of curing cancer, enriching the lives of AIDS patients, saving lives, even brain surgery. Nearly every year, I would change my mind about the specific specialty that I wanted to be more than anything else in the whole world. Never once did the dream die, it was a welcome escape from reality of life in a very small town.

Then in 1994, along came a television show. Every week I could indulge my inner dreamer and watch alongside America, as some amazing (and even amazingly good-looking) doctors ran, panicked, and generally helped patients in an entirely fake hospital setting. It was an eye opener, but then I couldn't take my eyes off.

Each spring, as the season would come to a close, I dreaded the last episode. Always wanting to know what my "doctors" were doing next, those summer months were nearly unbearable. And in 2000, I became a wife and my life-long dream was forever changed...

Never the less, at the close of season 15 (!) I feel very, very, yes very melancholy at the prospect that it is now over. I am grateful for all of the reruns available, but if NBC thinks they pulled one over on me by showing a billion promotional commercials for the new drama, they are very mistaken! Southland will fail!

Uhm, OKAY, back to the original reason for my post!

Though I realize that my blog is usually a happy spot, I had to mention that my favorite hour long show (half hour time slot is still ruled by The Office - long live Dunder Mifflin!) has ended and I will miss watching each of my favorite doctors perform operations and shock people back to life. ER's time slot will never be successfully filled, in my very professional TV watching opinion.


Last Firsts

Mikey is the perfect finishing touch to our manly little family. As he gets nearer and nearer to his first birthday, I realize there are specific mile-stones that he is coming up to. Mile-stones that we will not see again from one of our little angels.

Around 11 months old, each of our boys received their first haircuts. Mikey has been no different. Last night, we buzzed those little wispy hairs that have been growing on his beautiful little head since birth (yes, it was a tearful goodbye.)

Soon, he will begin walking, talking more and more, and eventually attaining the powers of potty training! The last firsts have begun.