A true lady's man

Timo has always been a little flirt. Even from when he was just 2 years old and went to the daycare with me, he was always playing and tagging along with the girls. And he's always picked his favorites. 

(This photo is of Timo and Abrielle from way back  in 2006)

Being in Kindergarten has opened brand new doors for this little flirt! 

My kids have always been intrigued by pretend phones. Most of the time, they just say "Hi!" giggle and then quickly hang up. But last night, I crept up to Timo's bedroom and found him laying in his bed, cuddled up to a baby bear, having a full on conversation on this phone. 

(As Noah was laying next to him and trying desperately to get his attention) Timo: "Can you hang on just a minute? Noah, shhhhh! I'm on the phone, duh!!" (Then back to the phone) "Oh, yeah, that was just my Noni!"
Timo: "Well, what have you been doing today?" (Silence). "I'm excited for Monday, so I can go back to school, too!" 

Then Timo followed Noah's gaze over to the doorway where I was crouched. And Timo casually says into the phone, "Madison, I'll have to call you back! My mommy just came up!" 

Timo is madly in love with a sweet little girl in his class named Madison. And when we ask him why he loves her he says it's because she makes silly faces. 

They are perfect for each other.


My Bret Michaels...

My Mikey is not feeling so swell this week, so in honor of that little snuggie buggie I am making today Mikey Day! 

He is such a little rock n roller!


Thank you, Tax Refund Peoples!

About two months ago, my 2001 Dell Laptop was rendered broken. One day while I was working on my schoolwork, the power cable broke. So, my sweet husband was forced into sharing his computer with the little college nerd and was forced into seeing all of my school work take over his desktop! I was so sad to see my faithful little friend fade and die, but alas... the time has come for me to replace the old with the new. 

Just yesterday, I was finally able to walk into Office Max and pick out my very own, brand new laptop! I was so nervous about this purchase that when the sales-guy came over to help (and make pushy suggestions) I basically refused to talk and made my wonderfully patient husband do all the talking for me.

But after balking over which PC to bring home, I finally went for the less expensive, larger RAMMED Acer. I am so happy about it! Yeah for me! 

Of course, it automatically came with Windows 7 which has some great features that I am enjoying a lot, but one of my favorite non-school related feature is the games! And not just all of the games that it comes with, but Mahjong in particular! I love this game. These adorable little bells ring when you match two tiles and then they are whisked away. I simply love it!



A Brand New Blankie!

So, after years and years of old, ripped and torn jeans piling up in a box I finally did what I had long been planning... I made a jean type quilt.


If you can...

name the source for this quote, you will automatically become my top number one fan!!!

I'm not SUPER-stitious, I'm a little stitious...