What?!? 2 Posts in 1 Day?!?

Shocking, Mind-Blowing, (insert other adjective here).

Weeks ago, we made an appointment for our little Timo, Noah and Mikey to get their immunization shots. And ever since we made this appointment, we were talking it up! You know the scoop, "Oooh, 2 more weeks until shots!" and "Are you nervous for your shots?"

So, yesterday as we were making our way to get the shots, Noah says "Are you going to kill me?"

Aaaahhhh, all this time he's been going along with it, and thinking he's going to be killed!

The story ends on a good note, though. Timo went first; just like a man - he didn't even yelp! Then Noah went; he was crying when the nurse was just cleaning his leg! And Mikey; well, Mikey didn't like it at all.

And we all felt bad! :(


Finally Back Home

Sorry about the tardiness of this post to my loyal readers!

But in my defense, it's been a busy week! We have moved back home. We are finally in Boise again. When we left Tacoma, we told everyone we were moving to Boise, but actually we only made it as far as Nampa! Stinky, fly filled Nampa (for more information on the stink and flies - please click here).

Earlier this month, we were told by the bank that they were generously giving us 2 weeks to move out! Luckily, we made a phone call to our previous landlord in Boise, and she welcomed us back with open arms.

It is so wonderful to be back in Boise, nearer to city life that we have been missing! We are once again close to a variety of parks, bike trails, and best of all Boise State!

Moving is hard work! And I dread doing it ever again. But the awful truth is that we will eventually move again, and I will hate it then too. The boys are awesome about all the changes they've had to endure, but they are as worn-out as both Jeremy and I am!

Boise, we are home!


Focused Imagination

Has anyone ever noticed how little children have wonderful, inventive imaginations? They imagine the strangest things: playmates, food to serve to mommy and daddy, and even monsters!!! Well, I truly think that Timo takes the imaginary cake of inventiveness...

The other day I went to Walmart on a routine shopping trip, just me and Timo. For whatever reason, Timo absolutely loves to sit in the shopping cart and be pushed around. I know, I know. He's way too old to do that, but I let it slide.

Well, on this particular day, Timo was feeling extremely playful and he enticed me to "watch" him play imaginary basketball in the store's produce section. As a loving mommy, my reaction is a quick "Yeah, ok" as I am searching for the right type of beef (Beef, it's what's for dinner!) He gets ready and heeves the "ball" all the way to the "hoop" which is way in the rafters... "Whoosh" he makes it.

And he "catches" the ball. Now, mind you, all this time I am super enthusiastic at saying the required "oohs and ahs". When we move farther down the aisle after he has heeved the ball, he is totally consumed with concern for the ball that has yet to return to him. When he complains that we moved away from the ball, I tell him that it'll "come back" to him.

He looks to the side of the cart, and nearly falling out onto his toe-tally blonde head, grabs a hand full of air, looks right into my eyes and, grinning from ear to ear, says "I got it!"

Such are the adventures into a little man's crazy internal world...


9 years and 1 day ago...

I could never have imagined the life I would have today.

One day, way back when I was working at Burger King, Jeremy's brother, Brent, pulled up through the drive through. Even though me and Jeremy weren't officially dating, Brent told me that their family was currently accepting applications for new members. Well, shortly after this slightly embarrassing encounter, I got the job!

On August 16th (yes, just yesterday) me and my very best friend celebrated our 9th anniversary. Jeremy is so awesome and great! I know that most people who read this blog know what I'm bragging about, but I will go ahead and shout it out to the rest of the world. Jeremy is a wonderful, exhuberant daddy who adores each of his little guys. And they each believe him to be every inch the Super Hero that he is to us.

We have had our ups, our downs, and our extreme lows... but with Jeremy by my side, I know that we will last forever.

Jeremy, thank you for the best 9 years yet, and I hope the next 9 will be just as laughter filled and happy. I love you with all of my heart!


I feel your pain...