"They're sticking into me!!!"

Okay, so amid all of the other things that go on in the Rigby household, we have four young boys who love to spin the wheels of Jeremy's mountain bike. First of all, I should insert an explanation in here. The IronHorse Mountain Bike is parked upside down along one wall of our living room.

Friday night, just one week ago, Noah was busy ignoring the many warnings of his parents and was happily spinning said wheel. Well, being the curious youngster he is, he must have decided to do a little brake check for Daddy.

The disc brake is surprisingly sharp for those of you who don't know. And when I delicate little finger gets caught between a disc brake and the bike frame...

Damage occurs, blood pours, two year olds cry, parents rush to the scene, and a trip to the local emergency room follows...

At the emergency room, Sponge Bob saves the day (along with a wonderful doctor who shows up with lidocaine). Noah, the trooper that he is, fell asleep before the 5 stitches were stitched and thankfully stayed asleep until we arrived home.

The funny thing about little boys is that bandaids are a miracle cure. Once I take a used, ragged bandaid off - he immediately freaks out and gets scared because, to quote him "They're sticking into me!!!" (Yes, three exclamation marks!) Then, just as quickly, a new bandaid makes the "Owwies all gone!"


Laughing on Fridays

Very very funny!


New title of horror film...

AAHH!! Run, It's Poison Ivy!

Red Alert! Red Alert! Poison Ivy is ITCHY!

I know, most people are already aware of the dangers of rubbing against this notorious plant, but I had the horrible misfortune of touching a large portion of my right side on various poison ivy plants approximately 2 weeks ago.

And to top that off, Dr. Jrig has diagnosed that I am more allergic than most people to the venomous toxins that this evil plant excretes! So, bottles of calamine lotion and tubes of anti-itch cream later, I believe that it is finally starting to abate.



The Fourth and More....

First of all, Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Secondly, we have been doing a lot of swimming already this summer! And I mean A LOT! We went to a community pool and played about 2 weeks ago, then this past week we have been in a streak of daily swimming. We went to Jump Creek Canyon (as noted in Jeremy's blog) 3 times in just 4 days and then the last 2 days we have spent our days jumping off a bridge and the banks of the Boise River. It has been an absolute blast!

After all of this swimming, I feel a little like these fish! Waterlogged. Call me crazy but I totally feel like going again today!!!


Way back when...

As hard as I tried, none of my boys ever became fully attached to a blanket or a stuffed animal that they simply dragged everywhere.

When Eric was just a little tyke, though, he did have this period of time that he toted the puppie that is pictured here anywhere and everywhere that we went.

This snapshot was forever captured by Jeremy nearly 4 years ago on a trip to visit Grandma's grave. I enjoy looking at this particular image of that day because of the simplistic nature that Eric possessed. To me, he looks so pristine and sweet.