Picture De Jour

It's a fairly well-known fact that we enjoy watching UFC fights. While watching a fight years ago, I snapped this pic of Daddy and Timo locked in a fierce hug.


Santa's Toy bag is good to all ages

Christmas is always a wonderful adventure in the Rigby home. Some have been skimpy on the getting side but we are always plentiful love givers.
This year was a perfect year. Santa knocked on the front door and Mommy and Daddy invited him in to place toys under our tree...

No-e-balogn-e was super excited to get Elmo Up Up, new clothes, and lots and lots of yummy candy.

Timo had been going on and on about a cap gun he wanted, so we let in and he became "Timo Six Shooter". It was complete with a bandana, holster, and over 2000 caps to go bang bang.

Eric is secretly a transformer. Well, maybe it's not too much of a secret but it is definitely an obsession. Sometimes when he's telling a story it is almost like he forgets that it wasn't reality.

And Daddy's sock was full of goodies, a Barack Obama book, candy, cologne, and of course, Full Throttle.

I received a very pretty watch, lotion, a beautiful Fry Daddy, pots and pans, a Boise State shower curtain and pot holder, cooking tongs, and much more!

I hope that everyone else had a very Merry Christmas and is gearing up for a Happy New Year!


Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays!

In all the hustle and bustle of this time of year, I most enjoy spending exciting moments with my boys.

The other night, we decorated Sugar Cookies with piles and piles of frosting. The boys each have their own ways of taste testing the material before, during, and after the baking begins.

Noah was so excited to see this much sugar all in one place!

Don't poke that too far into your mouth, crazy kido!

And Eric twists his tongue to get every last little speck. The human dish washer!

Now that it's Christmas Eve and we are super close to Santa Claus coming down the chimney, there is definitely a buzz in the air and boys brimming with readiness.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
We love you all very much, from the Rigby house


More busy crazy life!

Well, I don't actually have a picture to add today, but hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow. Currently we are experiencing technical difficulties with the internet in our home (due to our fault).

But, to all my loyal readers, I knew you would want an update on how we are doing!

Well, I will start with me and the big guy, self nicknamed "Big Rig". We are both doing good. I have been busy working at Target, doing school (I just completed my second block of courses two weeks ago), and spending the remaining time with my boys. Jeremy is such a wonderful husband to me and is getting very restless without a job right now, but the economy is still really slow...

Eric has lost a few more teeth since his birthday. Both of the top front two are gone (but starting to grow in), and the two bottom teeth right next to the front ones are also gone. It looks really silly, but adorable. He is learning a line for a Christmas program he is doing in class, hopefully I will be able to record it and post it for you to see him.

Timo is starting to tie his shoes now and he is so independent with a streak of needing his mommy all the time. I have realized how much he is like me lately, he talks non-stop, he can be right next to someone all the time, and he is super duper clumsy.

Noah has these totally chubby cheeks and a beautiful smile that can light up your world. Once he gets mad, though, look out! Out of all the boys, he definitely has the worst temper.

And Mikey is almost 8 months old. He can sit up and almost crawls, but it is funny looking because he is really skinny looking. His weight is very normal and he is not too skinny, he just has more length than his brothers ever did at this age.

I am super excited for Christmas and looking forward to celebrating our Savior's birthday with my little boys.

If you check back tomorrow, hopefully you will be able to see updated pictures of my family!