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AH, the world is my _______.

Monkeys on the bars

Ah, the park in springtime is a wonderous thing.

When I was 5 years old and in kindergarten (in Arco, Idaho with my mom, brothers and sister) my father was a long-haul trucker down in New Mexico. One day I learned how to cross the monkey bars without falling down. I was so excited that when I got home from school, I made a tape recording for my dad and I said to him with complete confidence "I can do the monkeys-bars all the way now, daddy. I love you, bring home a turantula."

My bigger boys are monkey-ers. Eric is classically trained minus grace, Timo is leaning more on the side of tumbling and falling. Either way it's a-dor-able.

These two are quickly becoming...

best of buddies!

These two are quickly becoming...

weirder by the day!


Eric... long ago...

This gem of a photo was captured by either Jeremy or me back in 2003, just before Eric's second birthday. It seems so crazy to think there was ever a time before Timo, Noah, and Mikey came to our family!

To me, what makes this pictures so cute is the little things. My top 5 favorite things about this picture:

5 - His hair is seriously messed up! He must have just woken up from a little nap.
4 - His little fingers are so small and chubby! I love baby hands!
3 - Those kiddo feet are turned in to each other, with the bite-able toes.
2 - Even back then, he was a Boise State fan.
and 1 - The smile without some of his toddler teeth grown in is just too cute for words!


Nyquil, Robitusson, Tylenol cold, Delsym...

Coughing, sneezing, aching body, sore throat, fever, just needs lots of rest week. Eric came home from school mid-last week not feeling so great, consequently he got two extra days of spring break. Eric was a champion! He was super tired, and rested a lot, but didn't whine or even complain, but he did enjoy eating a lot (and I mean A LOT) of ice cream bars. Then yesterday, his germs were successfully passed onto our normally over-energentic Timo.

Timo is normally so full of life and love, but today he has been knocked down and laid on his back with the yuckies. He hasn't taken it as bravely as big Eric did, but that's okay, too. Normally, kids get more cuddly and needy when they are sick, and Timo is normally cuddly and needy - so that hasn't changed. But he is feeling down, so we are anxiously waiting for the germs to leave the house and move on...

On a completely unrelated topic, Eric's reading has definitely improved and he tries so hard to figure out how to spell words. His latest attempt was in a word bubble of a picture he drew. It said "Oh caghe" trying to spell "OK." And I just thought that was too cute not to share!

This picture, which Jeremy took last year in Tacoma, makes a colorful and fun background.


Goings on...

This is a blog to redeem my non-blogging habits of late! I don't know for sure what's happened. I'm still doing the normal things, maybe I've been in winter hibernation. Yup, that's what I'll call it!

Anyways, the past few days have been busy and warm. Spring time is great, the sun busts through the clouds and the earth finally warms up. Bugs comes out, birds chirp, college basketball tournament tickets pop up out of the mailbox (thanks, Uncle Brent), and just generally, life starts up again.

An adorable little lady bug was found perched on the hood of our Jeep, found by Eric, and photographed magically by my amatuer-profressional picture-taker, Jeremy.

The boys are constantly bike-riding...

And our wonderful brother, Brent, sent us some tickets to go cheer on the first round of NCAA tournament. Timo and I went to the evening session at Taco Bell Arena last night. It was so super fun. The first game was Portland State vs. Xavier, Timo chose to cheer for the team in white (Xavier) and we won! Whoohoo! The second game was a battle between Florida State and Wisconsin! Cheering on the red team this time, it went into OverTime. When I told Timo it was in OverTime, he said it's OVER!!!! He thought it meant Time to be Over! Too cute!

Big, huge hugs and kisses go to Uncle Brent for sharing his tickets with us. We had a blast. When we got home, my Eric had drawn a welcome home sign for me on the front steps...


Something Cute

Just a little something cute to brighten the daily web!


Have you ever?

Have you ever...

Been driving down a fairly busy road at rushhour and been attacked by booger bits? You know, those annoying, scratchy, little particles of booger that need to come out right away...

You may begin by scrunching your nose, or maybe even a light little rub with your fingers...

Sometimes that just doesn't work, and when you find out the stubborn particles need more coaxing than that, you may just need to penetrate the nostril a little.

That's where it all begins. Once you pick - a mission has begun and there is no stopping until the first breathe of relief.

Well, maybe, just maybe, the paramedics sitting next to you on the road are watching closely - preparing to save your life, once your finger gets stuck in said nostril.

Maybe you look over at them and they are laughing at you, waving... Well, of course, you wave back, not wanting to be impolite...

Well, have you? (long, drawn out, awkward pause)

Um, yeah, me neither...

(Picture is added to change subject...)

So look how cute that little Mikey is!!!


Tara Road

Great love, building a family, heartbreak, friendship, new beginnings. I love reading novels, fact or fiction. Just this week I was constantly attached to a beautiful story about a woman, and the ups and downs of her life in a posh suburb in Dublin.
Although the whole story line was written in fiction, it touched my heart and I was deeply saddened when I turned the last page and read the last few words. I usually get so engrossed in the book I am reading at the moment that I feel a loss of friends and even relatives when I am done.
This book was exactly like that. Even though it was fiction, it told this heartwarming story about first true love and how that love can change through time.
I would recommend this book to any woman that loves to read, but men beware! It's purely a chic-flip.



Yes, that's right, folks! I am now the proud owner of a brand new guitar!

I am slowly but surely giving myself little lessons each day. I can play little 2 string strongs such as Jingle Bells, and Aura Lee. It's truly not as grand as I make it sound just yet, but I hope to be able to play a little acoustic guitar fairly soon.

My wonderfully talented brother-in-law, Brent, is a beautiful musician and has been an absolute inspiration to me in this new endeavor, so hopefully we will be sitting around a table struming along to Johnny Cash, the Beatles, or who knows who else! It'll be quite the show!