Another one bites the dust...

And another one done, and another one done...
I am done with my finals for my classes!!! So, now I get a few days break before jumping into my final two courses before my Associate Graduation. 

Math was fun, exciting, and easy (do you hear the sarcasm in there?)

It's exciting to think that just 9 more weeks until I officially have my Associate's Degree! Then everything changes. My Bachelor classes will be so different, but I am super excited and ready for the extra challenge! 


A Happer Easty to everybody!

Title note: I used these words to introduce this post because these are the words that greeted me from my hyped up, sugar filled Timo bright and early on Sunday morning!

So, I hope that everyone had as wonderful of a Easter weekend as we did! We were able to make the short jaunt over the Jeremy's brother, Brent's, house in Hailey. And we had a wonderful time with them.

And on top of all that it was Conference Weekend! So, we listened to great messages with great company!

From left to right: 1/2 of Felix (sorry), Jessica, Clive Brent III, Jacob, Eric, Mikey, Noah, Thomas, Timo, and Penny.

We had a blast decorating eggs! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our little candy filled hearts for such warm hospitality from the Hope's! 

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that I have the best husband EVER!!!! He conspired with the Easter Bunny to get me my favorite flower ever ~ the Easter Lily! 

I hope that I can turn my thumb green and keep this beautiful gift alive! I love it!