best daddy ever!

Daddy Tim and Eric at the falls2This picture came up on our screensaver yesterday and it blew me away with memories. Jeremy, Timo, and Eric all look so handsome. The first three men in my life!

A blast from the past

Happy Boy!!Eric on his 2nd birthday! He was so happy and much, much chubbier than he is now. I love that happy smile!


Today it snowed! We took advantage and the boys had their first snow ball fight! Brrrr!

Day of Football

We were playing football outside yesterday and were able to take these beautiful pictures of our boys. It may look like Timo caught that ball, but for all of his concentration, he still missed it! Eric's concentration is fully on that ball though. And then there's Noah, he's just adorably cute and chubby!


Don't sit on that rock!

lizardLook close .... but don't sit down!

cave family

the family in caveOur little cave family. Noah was in my belly at this time. This is at Table Rock near Boise, Idaho. I love looking back at these photos and remembering how little the boys were. I hope you all enjoy it too.


Timo got a bleed!

Timo was being his clumsy self and fell into a rock while we were playing on the toys! He actually got a nasty little cut on his eyelid from it!
He's okay, he's "a tough boy, I don't feel the hurt!"

Seattle a year later

We went on a little trip to Seattle yesterday! This is from famous Queen Anne hill again, almost a year from the last time we were there.


Daddy and his boys in Seattle

Daddy and the boys in SeattleThis picture was taken just two weeks after we moved to Tacoma. We went to Queen Anne hill (which overlooks Seattle) and were sight-seeing. Noah looks so little! I love all my men!


The many faces of Timo (and Eric)

Timo is happy :)

Look at Eric's face! Who wouldn't be scared of that?

Timo is sad :(


Bathtime Noah

This is my favorite picture (so far) of the chubby little baby Noah!


honeymoon at safeco

JandB_at_SafecoI was looking through pictures and found this old gem of Jeremy and I on our honeymoon! This day was also my birthday, August 24th. We were in Tacoma visiting Jeremy's big brother, Brent, and he took us to our first Mariners game. I can't even remember who they played or who won, but I do remember eating tons of licorice and peanuts. We ate so many that it made Jeremy very sick! After the game, we went on a spur of the moment trip north of the border. Thank you for all those wonderful memories, Brent!

Timo baby

Tim's hatThis is my little baby Timothy, (he wasn't even TIMO yet!) This was taken in September of 2004, when we were living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was about 5 months old in this one!

Eric and his "Girlfriends"

Jeremy got this candid video of Eric before he went on stage at his Kindergarten Christmas 2007 program!

Cute as a button

Love at Krispy KremeWhat a cute couple! Love at Krispy Kreme!

Eric's first Krispy Kreme experience

Eric's first Krispy Kreme experience! This is Eric's very first experience eating a Krispy Kreme donut! We were visiting Uncle Brent and Aunt Ruthie in Tacoma, Washington. It was April of 2003 and he was only 17 months old! Wow, time flies!


These are my three little footballers! Eric is BSU # 30, Noah is BSU # 17, and Timo is BSU # 35. Go BSU!
Eric and Timo were playing football in the living room and decided they wanted jerseys. They couldn't find theirs, so they asked me to make some.
Aren't they adorable?