Fun with Paint

This weekend, while Jeremy has been under the weather, (severely, if you want to know) the rest of us have taken over his computer.

Eric Steel Rigby has his mommy's artistic brain, except instead of drawing babies, flowers, and sunsets he has taken to drawing out different football plays. In this picture the Wide Reciever is getting ready to catch the ball that was thrown with touch from the Quarter Back (who is apparently "there"). What a silly billy!

Oh, and don't forget the Captain America shield! By the way, America does rock!

And then there's Timo's little lego spaceship, which is named Fence! Yesterday, when he proudly showed me this creation, I got the idea to paint the universe around it. I was going to draw bullets being shot out of the guns, but when the bullets wouldn't turn out just right, I went with the Earth and the moon (which truly is made out of Swiss cheese!)

I guess Jeremy had better get well soon, or else he might not have a computer to come back to!


Oh, man!

October 3, 2009

We go to the park and play football very consistently. I actually mean very-very consistently. Most days we leave the park a couple hours later, sans injury. It's a pretty sweet deal, Wade.

Occasionally, though, one or more of us limp away, gingerly gripping the injured limb/head. Well, yesterday afternoon, we jumped into the Suburban and hauled everyone to the neighborhood park, a lovely place with a nice open area surrounded by sidewalks, basically I'm saying it is perfect to use as a makeshift football field, pre-equipped with sidelines and goals.

Okay, so Jeremy is planning out his and Eric's next play, while I'm grabbing an errant ball from the nearby parking lot. I throw the ball to Jeremy...

It is a line drive, perfect except for the fact that he was not looking at it! Yes, that's right, folks, it knocked the "breath" out of him, hitting him in the region that sits just below the stomach and above the thighs. A very sensitive area.

Well, to say the least, it hurt. A lot. My big tough dude ended up laying down on the ground and passed out for a few moments. Literally, passed out. He doesn't remember the specifics of those few seconds, other than my version of the events. Tonight, he still feels the pain in his groin region!

Oh, man, I feel so horrible, awful, guilty, and sad about this totally unfunny incident, but I still felt obliged to blog all about it, sorry Honey.



October 1, 2009

Okay, so two peanuts walk into a bar...

One of them was a-salted!

Bwaahahahahahahahaha, Bwaahahahahahaha, Bwaahahahahahahaha