Let The Holiday Bells Ring!

Ah, the plunders and spoils of Thanksgiving have disappeared and the workouts begin! Thanksgiving is such a fun time that reminds me of everything that I am so thankful for. And for me, my wonderful, sweet men are at the very top of the list! Without them... well, that's a thought I don't even like to imagine. To state it simply they mean the world to me.

Our Thanksgiving consisted of spending the entire day together, cooking, watching football (and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade), and eating, eating, eating. Our guts got so stuffed with the absolutely most tender and delicious turkey I have ever roasted and of course all of the other goodies that goes along with the turkey.

Noah really liked the pumpkin pies (with whipped topping, of course).

Jeremy and I needed a special little treat for ourselves...

And this is how all of us looked afterward.

Over all, we had a good, quiet, relaxing day! Let the Holiday Season officially begin!

Of course, just a mere two days later, I tried to use up the remaining tender turkey meat by making some homemade chicken noodle soup. But I severely burned it and, as Jeremy so eloquently put it, the soup tasted like little chunks of smoke. It was so gross and nasty tasting! But my wonderful boys all tried to put on a happy face and eat it anyways. They are so sweet! To make a short story even shorter - we ended up eating cereal for dinner!


One picture at a time...

Oh, this little sweet, adorable, firecracker kiddo!


Let's Get Naked!!!

Okay, so don't be alarmed by the title. This is a little known saying by our little Timo-man. One day, we took the boys to the swimming pool and as Daddy takes the older boys into the mens' dressing room, this silly little guy says "Let's get naked!!!" Very funny, (even funnier than TBS).

Every parent has at least a few pictures of their kids in the bathtub at one point or another. It's a pretty popular bribe technique that can be used later in life...

Me and Jeremy are no different. In the above photo, Noah's bottom is made cute by the face of the much beloved Elmo. Now, I'm not exactly sure what Noah was up to, but I do remember that he was not taking a bath right then.

In this stunning picture, you can see how cute Mikey is. Up until very recently, Mikey has been scared of bath time. But, obviously, that is no longer the case.

This is one of my favorite older photos of me and one of my boys. Anyone want to guess who this little guy is?


Our Baby Boy is 8!

No, that boy's not 8! Silly billies, ;) This picture was taken at a supposedly haunted cemetery on the outskirts of Boise. We visited this area with all of our boys in tow and had lots of fun scaring them. Oh, it's just fun to be mean.

Yes, now that's better! Our Eric just turned 8! He is so big now and he's probably the luckiest boy ever! He got 2 GI Joe action figures, Transformer video game, the next book in his favorite series collection of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and to top it all off his very own room. He is so lucky because he now has a TV/DVD/Playstation area (complete with well loved banana chair) and a reading nook.

Soon will come his Baptism Day! We will keep you posted!

Oh, and a special thank you goes out to Aunt Pam and Uncle Duane for the wonderful Birthday card. I need to be better at remembering people's Birthdays, so I am super impressed! Thank you.

Just Click on...

If you have been directed to this site, please excuse the disaster area. In the process of changing blog templates, I made a big boo-boo and didn't know how to mend it yet. Please just click on to your next regularly visited site and try back later!

Love you!


It's an Inoperable Brain Tumor...

Oh, wait...

It's just a bad, bad, Noah boy!

(Yes, that's right don't try to rub the Sharpie marker off your computer screen it truly is just staining his skin.)


A Great Big Thank You!

Happy Veterans' Day to everyone of my countrymen! Since the beginning of school this year, Eric's music teacher has been preparing a Veteran's Day Program. And we got to all go to his school yesterday and check it out.

The school also made a blanket using the student's drawings of what they love the most about America. This blanket is being sent to a soldier in Iraq.

The theme was to draw something (anything) that they love about America. I fully expected him to have drawn Transformers or Boise State. But I was pleasantly surprised when we finally found his square.

His music teacher told them that if any of the songs made their Mommy cry then they had to get ice cream. Well, um, let's just say that I still owe Eric his bowl of ice cream. In my defense, I love America and specifically songs about America.


Dream Weaver

After weeks (ok, about a month) of sporadic blogging, I am jumping back on the wagon and taking you all for a ride!

Very infrequently in my life I dream crazy, vivid dreams. Still-unexplained dreams such as frantically running from a deranged clown in a small town desperately trying to get to home base, which is a broken clock tower. Strange (and mildly gross) dreams about being able to open a tummy pouch and take an Eric-fetus out of my belly and cuddle him.

Yeah, I know, I probably shouldn't have laid that one out there, but in my defense I did warn you in the first part of the sentence!

Okay, so for those of you still with me, I bet you're wondering where exactly I am going with this little story.

Well, as you can tell, most of my dreams have no specific rhyme or reason, they just are what they are. Some of them on the other hand, are simply amazing!

About 2 weeks ago, (*while approaching finals week in school*) I received yet another addition to the wild and crazy dreams category. And this specific dream was so weird and original, that I have been fighting the desire to tell everyone about it. I lost that battle tonight, and you are here to witness the story.

(~And one more thing...~)

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I remember. One day, me and Jeremy were enjoying the sunshine and relative privacy of a lakeside beach. Now, to start with an explanation, the beach was a high-grade slope about 100 feet long going down to the crystal clear water. Where the water met the beach, large trees came stretching out, providing perfect spots to tie on rope swings, but the water wasn't exactly safe to swim in. It had large sharks and other man-eating creatures in it.

So, the boys were standing at the top of this slope while me and Jeremy were enjoying some quiet time about 50 feet away from them. All of a sudden, we hear Timo and Eric yelling at Noah, who has slid all the way down the beach and is in the water. Well, obviously without even thinking I race down to the water's edge and pull him to safety. When I get the now soaking wet Noah back to the safe-zone, I see that Mikey has crawled about halfway down to the water. As I start moving to his rescue, I see a pride of lions that are standing about 25 feet away from him. Unwilling to back down, I slowly move toward my Mikey and grab him up.

Then we all start running, running, running our little hearts out, huffing and puffing all the way to the car. As we get closer to the car, the lions get closer to us. Until all of a sudden, the Leader of the Pride, the King of the Castle, has caught up with me and Mikey (who is being lugged around by yours truly). This gigantic beast of an animal starts licking his lips and snarling at us.

Tense, right? Whew! I get all nervous again just writing about it, but the story must go on...

Without even thinking about it, I stop dead in my tracks. With my eyes closed, I start to say an emotional and completely heart-felt prayer to my Heavenly Father (whom I truly love and have absolute faith in). I ask him to help my family reach the safety of our vehicle and save us from the prideful lions. As I pray, I slowly start noticing that I am being guided to safety.

Of course, the dream ends with my entire family safely inside the confines of our vehicle.

Okay, so now that I've spilled the story beans all over the blogger table, I am a little unsure of where to go from here. One thing I do know is that this dream is amazing and awesome! My faith and trust in the Lord has been strengthened through the knowledge that He will save anyone who asks with pure belief and faith in their hearts. For Him, no task is too trivial or too big.

And, to change the topic, once again, I will digress to two previous thoughts I had...

*Finals week was last week, and I am glad to say that this Monday I started a brand new slate of classes! Ah, a completely fresh start!*


~Grammar is not as important as one may think. Always, always, absolutely always remember to completely forget any grammar lessons you may remember from elementary school while reading my blog. When was the last time someone corrected your grammar and it actually made a difference beside royally ticking you off?~