A Healthier Me

After my fourth and final baby boy, I officially laid the scale down and hopped on the weight-loss wagon. I realize it's only the beginning of a life-long battle between me and those dreaded (read - delicious) Krispy Kreme Donuts. (Pausing to drool)
Standing in front of my bathroom mirror, staring myself down, I made a huge discovery and am so proud of myself I thought I would share it with all my loyal readers.
*** I am beautiful just the way I am ***
Now, this does not mean my battle is over, it just has taken a new course. I am beginning to see myself as the talented and gifted daughter my Heavenly Father wants me to be. My desires to fit into those special jeans (Jeremy, you know the ones I mean) or to be a certain size have been replaced with the desire to be able to physically run faster than my 6 year old. Living a long life of excitement and being active is my new motto.
But... now I really, really want that Fresh Glazed Donut!


Global Brain Washing

Doesn't it seem as though every time you turn on the television, you are instantly bombarded with advertisements, TV shows, and even our friendly, caring actors "showing" us the way to a "cleaner, brighter" future? I am getting fed up with it!
Earlier this morning, I had turned on a popular TV show called Las Vegas. The episode was all about turning a busy, Las Vegas style casino into a "eco-friendly green hotel." The plan was to use toxin-free detergents and cleaning supplies, solar panels for powering, and organic cotton for all the fabric choices.
So, it got me thinking about all these nuts who buy into these "green" ideas. I decided I was going to write a blog about it, if this offends, I apologize in advance.

I have four specific points to make about all this phony-bologna. For starters, Heavenly Father knows all and has seen everything we go through. I believe that He created some of these problems (or at least allowed them to be created) so we could have our free agency to choose how best to protect this beautiful planet for the future generations. And now the government is trying to put laws and bills into action to take all this free agency away from us. What's the big deal with greehouse gases? Emissions from cars and smokestacks are not the only causes of the so-called harmful gases. They don't even add up to half of all the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. What does, you may be asking? Cattle flatulation for one (and truth betold, my small family has probably added a little of that too). Not to mention, without Greenhouse Gas life wouldn't have been able to flourish as it has today. Gases like carbon-dioxide that are in our atmosphere let the sunlight through to shine on our beautiful days, then hold it in like a warm snuggly blanket.

TV stations and movie stars have gone completely baskets-for-brains, for the sake of getting noticed for being oh-so-eco-friendly. Three examples follow...
(1) Johnny Depp , though absolutely incredible to look at, is one particular example of a loony-bin! I recently spotted an article about him being eco-conscience. He is powering his own private 35-acre island with all "green" energy. (Please, give him a big pat on the back.) For goodness sakes, he has his own island? And he's still being considered a good samaritan? Spread the wealth, Mr. Depp.
(2) Olivia Newton John, another favorite of mine, is trying to persuade Australians to give up their clothes dryers and "hang out your clothes to dry - not your planet." Very catchy phrase, Ms. Newton-John. As for me, I am personally looking forward to getting a dryer in the next few weeks. Lately, we have been having to hang up all our clothes to dry. Even in the middle of the summer, it takes quite some time to dry shirts and pants and unmentionables for a family of 6, and with wet clothes time is the enemy. I have noticed towels and favorite shirts begin to have the distinct odor of mold emenating from them. Sorry, Olivia, but if you're giving your dryer away, I'll take it.
(3) George Clooney has the newest forms of eco-travel out there. If I could trade in my family van for some brand new eco-version that would run on water and drive smoother, faster, and cleaner, trust me, I would. It's not in my budget, but once again Hollywood, thank you for allowing reality to settle in.

Third, Al Gore. What is there to say about Mr. Inconvienient Truth? Well, in short, his mansion in Nashville spends more on electricity in one month than I do in an entire year, even if I left the lights on all day and night!!! It was reported by the Nashville Public Utilities that the same month (February) he recieved an award for the outstanding work he's done for the environment, he spent over $16,500 on electricity for this one home, not to mention the others he undoubtlessly has. I... I... I rarely am at a loss for words, but this one... wow!

Now, am I saying that we shouldn't care about Mother Nature and do our part? Absolutely not! I am all for picking up our own trash, utilizing public transit, riding bikes or walking, turning lights off when they are not needed, and generally being a friend to the world. But count me out when it's time to trade in my Twinkies for Celery Sticks, or using cloth diapers for that matter!! EEWW!!


Curiousity in the Kitchen

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Sounds of chairs being scooted along the floor, a little quiet spell, then the blast of water in the kitchen sink. I immediately do a mental headcount of the last known locations of each of my rambunctious boys. I realize the only one in the house is Noah, the always busy near-2 year old.
Gently, I place a snoozing Michael in his infant chair and run into the kitchen to find... a very thirsty, independent, fearless Noah-bear. Uh oh! Now I really have to keep my eyes on him, what will he climb next?

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Summer Days, Aahhh...


Can you remember the rush of cool water around your ankles and then the delightful feeling of weighlessness as you plunge all the way in? Or the smell of freshly mowed grass on a warm Saturday morning? When was the last time you took the opportunity to delve into a good book in the shade of a tall oak tree?
The boys each help me remember those little pleasures of leizure and relaxation that are so often overlooked in our busy lives. Today, I set up the pool for the boys to play in and Noah is finally ready to play in it. These are some pictures of our pool and the boys, the bigger boy in these pictures is our neighbor Andrew, who is 9. Noah wasn't too comfortable about the boys splashing or swimming too close to him though.
So, here's to you, Summer Days, keep shining on us.


No way!! They let me in!!!

Congratulations!! You have just won a gazillion dollars! (Redeemable at any CBS - Completely Bogus Store.) You are looking at the blog of an Official College Girl!!! As of 10 a.m. this morning, I am enrolled in the University of Phoenix online course to become an Elementary Teacher. Just think, four years from now I will be molding our future youth into creative, strong, wonderful men and women. If you're not scared of that yet, I'm sure you'll have terrifying nightmares about it tonight.
All kidding aside, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have encouraged me along the way to strive to become all I can. If it weren't for you, I... well, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you all so much!


Mikey Monkey

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Michael is 3 months old now! Here's some adorable smiley pictures of our tiny monkey! He has the longest arms and legs and is a skinny baby boy.
Beautiful, magnifico, grande, perfect!


Stormy mornings in July

This morning, we awoke to a bright flash and then KABOOM!!! thunder crackling in the heavens. The boys went about their normal morning, getting dressed, eating breakfast, the occasional fight over some toy...

Then a sudden downpour from the heavy clouds above. I absolutely loved growing up with thunderstorms. I would sit out on our back porch as a kid and read books while in the distance a thunderstorm would be breaking the horizon. When I hear those familiar crackles and feel the static in the air, I get goosebumps and I feel like a little kid again.

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As it started to pour down buckets of rain I gathered the kids onto the porch so they could watch the storm in the safety and security of our home.
In the aftermath, they were eager to run and play in the new formed puddles and Noah was interested in the rain catcher and the mud that was made by it.

After living in the rainy state of Washington, I have to say that one of the best things of an Idaho summer thunderstorm is that it only lasts a short time. This afternoon the boys are already outside running around in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight.


A special message of love

Sometimes it really hits me that Jeremy is working about 500 miles away from us. And then I get really lonely and miss him. So, today my blog is entirely devoted to him.

I think that most of you know him, but for those of you who don't know him really well, he is the very most special man I could ever ask for! And I have 4 other "men" in my house that love him as much as I do. This is a single snapshot of the goofy guy I know. He puts up with a lot from me and yet he is always supportive and there when a girl like me just needs a special hug.

So, "Sugar Booger", even though you're a billion gazillion miles away, today I want you to know that I am hugging tight to your little boys and hoping and praying that you will be able to fly home to us for good very, very, very, very soon. We love you "as much as your head!!!" (that's a special message just from Timo!)


Crafty nights

For the last three years or so I had been working off and on to finish a hand-designed Boise State afghan for Jeremy. Well, in my incredibly lonely nights here I finally finished it!!!

This one was definitely a challenge to design but it turned out to be my favorite one to date. It is double sided, with one side being the design and the other side is a simpler granny-stitch.

I love each and every afghan that I have completed, even the ones that end up getting thrown out for not making the grade. This particular afghan was taken apart and remodeled many, many times, but in the end I think it came out very pretty.

Go Boise State Broncos!!!

I don't know if this only happens in our house, but we constantly have to look for the remote controls for the TV. On top of that we have multiple remotes for each TV, and they have always seemed to get lost in the couch cushions with the change.
So, the other night (while dreaming) I had the brilliant idea of making a little pocket to keep them in, so we will always know where they are. Well, I decided to make my mental snapshot become a reality and came up with this! If anyone is interested in a "Remote Pocket" (or has an idea for a better name for it) let me know.
(Yes, that's right folks', that is a Becka-version NBC logo inside a widescreen TV that you're looking at on the front of my pocket)


I'm back!!!

Well, here it is, my first blog entry since moving to this wonderful state we call Idaho! We are all doing well. I love our new home and have made it pretty homey, well, as homey as it can be without our big man here full time. Yes, we are still waiting on his transfer. Hopefully it comes soon, he is getting really burnt out being away from me and the boys.

The boys wake up in the morning eager to go play outside, and I don't have to worry about mud being tracked inside the whole house. They are enjoying their summer. We just got them a pool and slip 'n slide that I will be taking some pictures of and, of course, posting them here.

Noah is getting to be a little talker. Jibberish and all, we can still only understand about half of what the big bubba says, but I'm the mommy and get the majority of it. He has inherited Timo's phobia of dogs, no matter how small or harmless they may be to the rest of us. Both of our nearest neighbors have little dogs (one a long-haired weiner and the other a pit-bull mixed breed) and if they even start looking in his direction he freezes and calls for his MOMMY!!!!

Mr. Mikey is showing more personality every day. He is such an easy going baby, probably mostly out of necessity rather than it being his choice. I wish I was an octopus and had eight arms so I could tend to each of the boys' needs at the same time. Oh, it would be the life. Doing the dishes would be faster, cooking dinner would too, but then again how would my pants fit?
Anyways, those are just the crazy thoughts of this busy mom.

Here's a special picture from my phone! I loved it and thought I would share.