Old Albums

Most of the time, I share photos of my boys. But this time I decided to post something a little rarer, pictures of me as a child!

This first picture is my favorite one of me. I was about 3 years old. This picture reminds me of the old house I lived in, and the smell of the furniture, too!

When I was about 7, my whole family went on a little vacation to Yellowstone National Park, and the memories of this trip have been captured in this photo. I think it's funny to see the car in the background. It looks like they were pulled over by a policeman. What an interesting background!

Everyone should also know that Jeremy was a very adorable little boy. He always claims that I'm the reason our boys are so beautiful, but he is definitely rsponsible for their looks!

The proof is in the pudding, buddy!


You Are My Sunshine, My Only...

Feel free to take a good look around at my blogger today, I have finally updated the pictures.

After nearly a month of looking at the sad picture of a sick Timo in a park opening my blog, I needed a change. And I got a completely happy crew to sit as models! (Well, Jeremy did!)

Go ahead, take your time (look to the right, as well). It's okay, I'll wait.

Alrighty, well, now that I've finally got your attention, I can continue blogging. Monday afternoon, a young man from the water department stopped by the apartments and he turned on the fire hydrant for a few minutes. The water eventually pooled in the very uneven yard area, and made an impromtu neighborhood swimming party. This is but a small taste of the days excitement that I thought I would share with you.

Last week, while I was stuck at work, Jeremy took the boys to Julia Davis park in Boise. This particular statue scared Mikey, and Noah wasn't impressed, but Timo and Eric must have been hungry!


The most handsome boys EVER!!!

I have been lacking any type of creative vibe lately. Maybe it's the lack of caffeine in my new diet that is to blame. Maybe it's the hectic schedule I've been running around on. Or maybe it's the lack of a reliable internet connection that has caused my sporatic (at best) attempts at keeping my readers informed and entertained.

Whatever the cause, it's totally unexceptable.

My boys are good looking little fellows that absolutely deserve their 15 minutes of fame on this web page and therefore new pictures are in order.

Eric is at the end of his first grade experience. And, wow, this kid can really read! We are so surprised and proud of the accomplishments that he's made this year. Timo can tie his own shoes now! Yea! And soon he is going to be an even bigger boy and be going to kindergarten! Jeremy and I are thrilled that he will be able to start his official schooling!

Noah is constantly making us roll with laughter, he makes such silly faces and is so expressive in his every action. And Mike is super attached to Jeremy, I can't blame him for that! He is not interested in walking on his own just yet, but he loves crawling and getting into everything.

Jeremy is being kept very busy at home with these fun-gus's. And we are trying hard to move to Boise very soon, so maybe that will be the next post from me! I hope you're all looking forward to it!