Slow down!

As I have been surfing different blog sites this morning, I realize how much I miss having a camera handy to show everyone how my little boys are growing so big.
I get so many ideas in my little head about this shot or that one, about this blade of grass or that tearfilled eye and how it would make the most moving photograph. And I can't share it with you because MY CAMERA BROKE!!!! Pretty frustrating, to tell you the truth.

But, in all fairness, if I had a working camera today I wouldn't have looked through all the photos we have and found this gem. There is a really great park in the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle that we took Timo and Noah to a few months back. Jeremy is wonderfully artistic about what would be a really neat shot and he was sure right on this one.


End of the school year

Well, here it is - mid June and our Eric has only 1 1/2 days left in Kindergarten! He has grown so much and learned more than I thought possible in one year of Kindergarten. He has had a wonderful teacher that has taught more than just reading and writing. She's taught him that he doesn't have to be perfect, that mistakes are human, but most important she's taught him that learning can be fun.

As his mommy, I was excited for his FIRST day of Kindergarten but I didn't get too emotional. I mean, at that time I still had two other little boys at home. I didn't take that much time to think about how his life changed that day, I barely even had time to tie my own shoes in between tying Timo's for the ump-teenth time that day! But now I feel the need to express my joys and wonderment at each new thing he accomplishes. When he begs and begs to play on the computer at nick.com or when he asked a billion times right in row if he can go to the neighbor kid's house I realize more and more how my relationship with each of them is going to change. And then the times when he just gets up from whatever he's doing and starts cleaning up all the toys and comes over and asks if there's anything he can do for us, and asks me if I would like a foot massage and I know that he will always be my son, and I will always get to be his Mommy. Sometimes it isn't fair or even fun to either of us but hopefully in 12 years it will all seem worth it.

I am so proud of my Eric! I am proud of them all, but Eric is the oldest and the one who gets to do everything first, so...

Eric, I love you!


Seattle Ferry Boats

A surprise road trip to Bremerton leads to a wonderful ferry ride across the bay to Seattle. Timo is always usually the goofy one in pictures, but that's part of the charm of looking at old family photos.

Jeremy is our expert amatuer photographer and he snaps some of the most amazing shots. This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Seattle. I am going to seriously miss Pike's Place Market but the weather never changes from what's in these pictures! It's June now and still that crummy cloudy stuff above our heads!


Thank you

Some days go by in such a blur that I forget if I really appreciated my Father in Heaven for everything he has given us, and that probably means that I didn't thank him enough. When situations drag me down, I get sad and even mad, but do I think to pray to him for the strength and guidance I need? Not always. Sometimes I do, but not enough.

I have a wonderful family that is blessed to have good health, great dispositions, and healthy appetites for everything in life. Changing my mood can happen in the blink of an eye. It can be as easy as listening to my boys playing together, Timo bugging Eric telling him a billion times that he loves him, or Noah walking up to me needing a hug right now!

I am so thankful to our Heaven Father guiding us in the world today. I am thankful that he knows us each personally and that he knows what each of us need. Today, I thought that I would share my thoughts with you while my testimony grows bigger and bigger and I give a big thank you to all those who have helped it along the pathway!


Changes in Life

Life always seems to be changing. Just like the trees and plants in the earth, we grow, we learn, and we change. As for Jeremy and I, most of our changes and growth has come from moving around the western United States. And though it hasn't all been good changes, it has definately helped us learn and grow stronger.


This month is a monumental life changing month for us. First, as you all know, we are moving back home to Boise, Idaho. We know that is where we want to raise our boys. Watch them go to school in the valley, see them grow into the wonderful young men they will become, and possibly even watch them play football on the smurf turf!
Secondly, just yesterday I went in to have that permanent surgery to complete our family. It's amazing to look at the youngsters in our house and know that they are it. They complete us.

Eric, the rambuntious, smart, and perpetually goofy kindergartner!
Timo, the crazy, silly, and huggable, lovable bundle of fun!

Noah, the always hungry, sometimes grumpy, but never-the-less sweet 20 month old!

And to finish the family off, Mikey, the newborn, cute, bitty-baby!


The Case of the Missing Summer

Just in case I haven't gotten the message out clearly enough, I really dislike the rainy weather now! Today is the 5th day of June and by my calculations it should be warm and super sunny! I am wishing for barbeques and play time at the parks instead today we are bombarded with yucky gross rain. To be completely accurate weather.com has the temperature here in Tacoma at 55 degrees F and an expected low tonight of 47. It is cloudy with some rain showers at times.

It sure does make me miss living in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is our cute little 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Summerlin that we rented for about 10 months back in 2004-05. For curiousities sake I checked the weather for Las Vegas today. It is currently 83 wonderful degrees F with an expected low tonight of 66, and mostly clear skies. Warm, even hot, is a welcome reprieve to me now!

This is a picture of our houseguests from the warm weather and palm trees. Meet Mr. Scorpion (creepy tail and all) and his dinner Mr. Cockroach. We added the quarter for shock value! Picture taken bravely by my good husband, Jeremy. This all leads me to the question ~ Doesn't summer begin in June? Well, then, where is it?


Sights and sounds

Giraffes just walking along in the Masai Mara

I love the whole world...

Elephants Brawling. Big Five. Kruger  National Park, South Africa by www.stormc.co.za

And all it's sights and sounds...

Lion. Kr�ger Nationalpark, Elephants Camp,  S�dafrika by www.stormc.co.za

Oom-di-ah-dah, oom-di-ah-dah!



Flexing at famous Muscle Beach

Wow! What else is there to say except - those forearms are buff. The face makes me giggle though, not run away in fear! I love you so much!