A new way of thinking

I realized earlier today that I am not "in it to win it." I love taking pictures, memorializing the daily events of my life, things I love or want to save forever. A picture can capture an entire emotion in one quick flash. 

Some people (and Jeremy) have the ability and patience to look for that perfect shot, attempting time and time again.  And I've always thought that I should try harder to become that type of photo guru. Timing my shots and making sure that the lighting is just right... 

A long time ago, I remember having some OCD-ish habits. I would write and then re-write my homework notes meticulously in notebooks and if I messed up on one line, the entire page would be torn out and I began again. If I couldn't do something perfect then why do it to begin with.

It seems like every time I turn around my life with my boys teaches me something new. My life is not perfect, we struggle with everyday little things, I often burn eggs and have even ruined good pans by burning water. Yes, that's right... after the water evaporates, the pan continues to get hotter and hotter! I eat chocolate chips at odd hours of the day or night, sometimes I even skip lunch and have a delicious donut instead. I am a crazy, not just by a little bit, but certifiably so!

But I know for sure, that through thick and thin, four boys and one big man love me in spite of (if not for) all of that!

So, anyways, in my perfectly un-perfect life why would I want to throw out the out-takes, the everyday out-takes. I think my photo album would be completely bare...

Eric and Timo are spending their spring break mornings at the YMCA learning about swimming safety. Timo would never show up in a stop-motion film, because he simply never stops. This picture is totally blurry, but there above all the blurry motion are two beautiful eyes that I simply adore. Oh, yeah, and the kid behind the eyes isn't too bad, either! 


A quick pic

Okay, so in the last post I left out an important visual. The car...

Isn't it pretty? I love it, love it, love it! 


Finally a new car and a trip away from the house

Well, as my title will surely let you know, we have a new car! Car? Yes, you read right! It's a car! Once upon a time, while driving in downtown Boise in our gas-guzzling Suburban, I noticed a smart looking older Taurus next to me. As I looked closer (okay, stared) I noticed that the two kiddo's in the backseat where facing backwards! There were three rows of seating in this little Taurus car! I had never before even dared to imagine that we would be able to all fit inside a normal sized car again.

Well, this past week, while doing some online car shopping I noticed a Toyota Camry wagon! So, off I ran to the bus to get a better look at this little gem! After a test drive and some paperwork, the car was ours! I scheduled Jeremy to go finish the paperwork in the morning and rode the bus home!

The next day, Jeremy did all of the leg work getting the paperwork finished and signed, getting insurance and all of the other good stuff to go along with a new vehicle! And voila! We are the proud new owners of a 1994 Toyota Camry wagon! So adorable (and way better on the ol' piggy bank, too!)

So, yesterday, we went on a little drive into downtown and stopped at one of my favorite little parks...

I have been attempting to take more photos lately, but Jeremy is the true photographer of our bunch. This is a picture that I captured (and I kinda like it!) 


Uh, oh...

Story of my life, right? 

And in happy news, Timo has graduated from his "Kindergarten Academy" tutoring sessions! Today was his very last day of going to the extra 30 minutes of school each day. We are super proud of our little smartie pants! 

This picture actually looks like he is attempting to show me his ballerina moves, but he was just blocking the sun from his sensitive little eyeballs. We followed up this picture with one in the shade where his eyes are looking perfectly into the camera, but I'm more attached to this one! Too funny! 


Ahh, no more crib...

A couple of weeks ago, something amazing happened in our house. We took apart the baby crib and got it out of the house. For nearly 8 1/2 years we have moved from one place to another, the constant thing in our kids' bedroom was a crib. 

We finally realized that we have no need for a crib anymore, so out it came. 

Now, when we put Mikey to bed, we usually have to chase him down once or twice and put him back into bed, but when he wakes up in the morning he is in a much better mood!!! 

There is nothing better than to watch my boys get bigger and more independent! 


Pens and Pictures

You may ask yourself ~ What do almost 2 year olds get into when they are not napping but their parents are in complete denial about the monster that they are raising? 

Well, no worries everyone! There is no need for experimentation on this one, we have done all the work for you. Two year old monsters (well, 1 month shy of 2 years, at least) get into anything and everything that may be lying around. And our little guy decided that his sweet face was as good of a place as anywhere to create a new type of Jackson Pollock! And he was proud of himself! 

As another interesting topic, I found a photo website just yesterday. The goal is to take a new picture each day for a year and upload it to chronicle your year in photos. Because I'm a sucker for joining groups and lengthening the list of procrastinated items, I became a member. If you wish to view my daily photos, go here! Soon, you may even find a link on my sidebar! Who knows?  


Picture of the Month ~ 2005

Jeremy does these wonderful picture of the week posts, and I just run out of ideas way too quickly to keep up with something like that, so as I have been adding old pictures to my nice new computer and I have been reminiscing about the past few years, I decided this morning that it may be appropriate to implement a new segment to the best is yet to come which I will aptly name the Picture of the Month!

My first segment stems from a Spring Break '05 visit from my sweet cousin, Kristy Jo (aka Jojo). At the time of this visit I had just started working at a new call center and was training in the evening hours. So, Jeremy entertained our Jojo with the help of Eric and Timo, and the camera, of course. 

I love Jeremy's expression in this one! This is the normal look I get when I tell him we are out of Hot Fudge! ;)