20(10) in 2010

There's an old man living in my house now. 
He stands about 6 feet 1 inch tall (on a good day) and has big muscles to lift stuff with. 
He has THE most radiant smile - seriously have you ever seen those chompers! 
He has the deeply gorgeous green eyes that can see through my tough shell and into the soft candy center. 

He is the man of my dreams, the one true human being that can make me laugh even when I really don't want to. 
He makes me want to be a better person, so that I can deserve him! 

MY old man turned 30 a few days ago.
He had a great birthday and two cakes! What luck!

So, To My GEEZER, I love you more with each passing year and hope that this is the best year ever for you! 

With love, Your slightly less-old wifey!