Our Frosty Day

It snowed again! And this time it was thick enough to build and play in!

We built our little snowman; complete with pine cone nose, rock eyeballs, and Spongebob gloves! Surprisingly, the only one struggling with keeping his eyes focused on the camera was Eric! Even Mikey was posing like a pro!

The boys looked so cute in the bright snow, bathed in sunlight, I couldn't resist snapping individual pictures of each one of them.


Christmas is upon us

This year has been abnormally wet, so far, in our little neck of the woods. This morning, we woke up to more snow, and it is still snowing...

So, here I sit, conflicted. Jeremy hates the snow. And he has good reason - he is out and about, right now as I type this, driving in the snow, delivering and installing super nice appliances all over the Treasure Valley. But I, on the other hand, have been sitting back, enjoying the peaceful quiet flakes fall softly to the ground. And this makes me think back to my childhood days of romping around in the snow banks that the snowplows would pile high on our road. We would build snow caves, go sledding at the nearby Menan Butte, and then we would warm up our painfully cold hands with warm coffee cups full of hot cocoa topped off with gigantic marshmallows. Yum.

It is this time of year, when everything slows down and you realize that the only things that are truly important in your life is the love that you share within your home, with your family and friends. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband to hug whenever I want, and four perfectly crazy little boys that fill our house with laughter and love.

My Christmas wish for all of you is for you to enjoy the season with the ones you love, wherever that may be. Have a very Merry Christmas and lots of eggnog or hot chocolate!


Seinfeld-esque Moment

Once upon a time, a young girl would hum along to the theme tune for Sara Lee bakery products, ever so innocently singing the words, "Nobody does it like Sara Lee!"

One day, this sweet young girl grew up and learned to read. After many, many more years of enjoying the occasional Sara Lee jingle in this same way, a large Sara Lee truck passed her on the road.

And she realized that the slogan actually is "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee." As I seethe... err, I mean... as she seethes about this grammatical error... she realizes one thing.

She is the nobody that doesn't like Sara Lee.


Busy Boise

Although it may seem like I have completely forgotten all about my blog, that's not the case at all.

I feel like this road, busy in both directions. Jeremy got a job! Hooray! And I am currently being the stay at home mommy. It feels so good, things are back where they belong. But busy, busy, busy!


Hey, dude, cool ride!

For some reason, this picture can be summed up in one word - Freedom!


Officially past 200 posts!

Hooray! Yippie! Or as some people say - Woot! Woot!

That's a big number folks! But instead of going on, and on, and on about it...

I thought I would post an awesome picture that Jeremy took about a year ago while we were still living in Nampa. It's a gem!

Look at all those Keds!


Let The Holiday Bells Ring!

Ah, the plunders and spoils of Thanksgiving have disappeared and the workouts begin! Thanksgiving is such a fun time that reminds me of everything that I am so thankful for. And for me, my wonderful, sweet men are at the very top of the list! Without them... well, that's a thought I don't even like to imagine. To state it simply they mean the world to me.

Our Thanksgiving consisted of spending the entire day together, cooking, watching football (and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade), and eating, eating, eating. Our guts got so stuffed with the absolutely most tender and delicious turkey I have ever roasted and of course all of the other goodies that goes along with the turkey.

Noah really liked the pumpkin pies (with whipped topping, of course).

Jeremy and I needed a special little treat for ourselves...

And this is how all of us looked afterward.

Over all, we had a good, quiet, relaxing day! Let the Holiday Season officially begin!

Of course, just a mere two days later, I tried to use up the remaining tender turkey meat by making some homemade chicken noodle soup. But I severely burned it and, as Jeremy so eloquently put it, the soup tasted like little chunks of smoke. It was so gross and nasty tasting! But my wonderful boys all tried to put on a happy face and eat it anyways. They are so sweet! To make a short story even shorter - we ended up eating cereal for dinner!


One picture at a time...

Oh, this little sweet, adorable, firecracker kiddo!


Let's Get Naked!!!

Okay, so don't be alarmed by the title. This is a little known saying by our little Timo-man. One day, we took the boys to the swimming pool and as Daddy takes the older boys into the mens' dressing room, this silly little guy says "Let's get naked!!!" Very funny, (even funnier than TBS).

Every parent has at least a few pictures of their kids in the bathtub at one point or another. It's a pretty popular bribe technique that can be used later in life...

Me and Jeremy are no different. In the above photo, Noah's bottom is made cute by the face of the much beloved Elmo. Now, I'm not exactly sure what Noah was up to, but I do remember that he was not taking a bath right then.

In this stunning picture, you can see how cute Mikey is. Up until very recently, Mikey has been scared of bath time. But, obviously, that is no longer the case.

This is one of my favorite older photos of me and one of my boys. Anyone want to guess who this little guy is?


Our Baby Boy is 8!

No, that boy's not 8! Silly billies, ;) This picture was taken at a supposedly haunted cemetery on the outskirts of Boise. We visited this area with all of our boys in tow and had lots of fun scaring them. Oh, it's just fun to be mean.

Yes, now that's better! Our Eric just turned 8! He is so big now and he's probably the luckiest boy ever! He got 2 GI Joe action figures, Transformer video game, the next book in his favorite series collection of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and to top it all off his very own room. He is so lucky because he now has a TV/DVD/Playstation area (complete with well loved banana chair) and a reading nook.

Soon will come his Baptism Day! We will keep you posted!

Oh, and a special thank you goes out to Aunt Pam and Uncle Duane for the wonderful Birthday card. I need to be better at remembering people's Birthdays, so I am super impressed! Thank you.

Just Click on...

If you have been directed to this site, please excuse the disaster area. In the process of changing blog templates, I made a big boo-boo and didn't know how to mend it yet. Please just click on to your next regularly visited site and try back later!

Love you!


It's an Inoperable Brain Tumor...

Oh, wait...

It's just a bad, bad, Noah boy!

(Yes, that's right don't try to rub the Sharpie marker off your computer screen it truly is just staining his skin.)


A Great Big Thank You!

Happy Veterans' Day to everyone of my countrymen! Since the beginning of school this year, Eric's music teacher has been preparing a Veteran's Day Program. And we got to all go to his school yesterday and check it out.

The school also made a blanket using the student's drawings of what they love the most about America. This blanket is being sent to a soldier in Iraq.

The theme was to draw something (anything) that they love about America. I fully expected him to have drawn Transformers or Boise State. But I was pleasantly surprised when we finally found his square.

His music teacher told them that if any of the songs made their Mommy cry then they had to get ice cream. Well, um, let's just say that I still owe Eric his bowl of ice cream. In my defense, I love America and specifically songs about America.


Dream Weaver

After weeks (ok, about a month) of sporadic blogging, I am jumping back on the wagon and taking you all for a ride!

Very infrequently in my life I dream crazy, vivid dreams. Still-unexplained dreams such as frantically running from a deranged clown in a small town desperately trying to get to home base, which is a broken clock tower. Strange (and mildly gross) dreams about being able to open a tummy pouch and take an Eric-fetus out of my belly and cuddle him.

Yeah, I know, I probably shouldn't have laid that one out there, but in my defense I did warn you in the first part of the sentence!

Okay, so for those of you still with me, I bet you're wondering where exactly I am going with this little story.

Well, as you can tell, most of my dreams have no specific rhyme or reason, they just are what they are. Some of them on the other hand, are simply amazing!

About 2 weeks ago, (*while approaching finals week in school*) I received yet another addition to the wild and crazy dreams category. And this specific dream was so weird and original, that I have been fighting the desire to tell everyone about it. I lost that battle tonight, and you are here to witness the story.

(~And one more thing...~)

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I remember. One day, me and Jeremy were enjoying the sunshine and relative privacy of a lakeside beach. Now, to start with an explanation, the beach was a high-grade slope about 100 feet long going down to the crystal clear water. Where the water met the beach, large trees came stretching out, providing perfect spots to tie on rope swings, but the water wasn't exactly safe to swim in. It had large sharks and other man-eating creatures in it.

So, the boys were standing at the top of this slope while me and Jeremy were enjoying some quiet time about 50 feet away from them. All of a sudden, we hear Timo and Eric yelling at Noah, who has slid all the way down the beach and is in the water. Well, obviously without even thinking I race down to the water's edge and pull him to safety. When I get the now soaking wet Noah back to the safe-zone, I see that Mikey has crawled about halfway down to the water. As I start moving to his rescue, I see a pride of lions that are standing about 25 feet away from him. Unwilling to back down, I slowly move toward my Mikey and grab him up.

Then we all start running, running, running our little hearts out, huffing and puffing all the way to the car. As we get closer to the car, the lions get closer to us. Until all of a sudden, the Leader of the Pride, the King of the Castle, has caught up with me and Mikey (who is being lugged around by yours truly). This gigantic beast of an animal starts licking his lips and snarling at us.

Tense, right? Whew! I get all nervous again just writing about it, but the story must go on...

Without even thinking about it, I stop dead in my tracks. With my eyes closed, I start to say an emotional and completely heart-felt prayer to my Heavenly Father (whom I truly love and have absolute faith in). I ask him to help my family reach the safety of our vehicle and save us from the prideful lions. As I pray, I slowly start noticing that I am being guided to safety.

Of course, the dream ends with my entire family safely inside the confines of our vehicle.

Okay, so now that I've spilled the story beans all over the blogger table, I am a little unsure of where to go from here. One thing I do know is that this dream is amazing and awesome! My faith and trust in the Lord has been strengthened through the knowledge that He will save anyone who asks with pure belief and faith in their hearts. For Him, no task is too trivial or too big.

And, to change the topic, once again, I will digress to two previous thoughts I had...

*Finals week was last week, and I am glad to say that this Monday I started a brand new slate of classes! Ah, a completely fresh start!*


~Grammar is not as important as one may think. Always, always, absolutely always remember to completely forget any grammar lessons you may remember from elementary school while reading my blog. When was the last time someone corrected your grammar and it actually made a difference beside royally ticking you off?~


Fun with Paint

This weekend, while Jeremy has been under the weather, (severely, if you want to know) the rest of us have taken over his computer.

Eric Steel Rigby has his mommy's artistic brain, except instead of drawing babies, flowers, and sunsets he has taken to drawing out different football plays. In this picture the Wide Reciever is getting ready to catch the ball that was thrown with touch from the Quarter Back (who is apparently "there"). What a silly billy!

Oh, and don't forget the Captain America shield! By the way, America does rock!

And then there's Timo's little lego spaceship, which is named Fence! Yesterday, when he proudly showed me this creation, I got the idea to paint the universe around it. I was going to draw bullets being shot out of the guns, but when the bullets wouldn't turn out just right, I went with the Earth and the moon (which truly is made out of Swiss cheese!)

I guess Jeremy had better get well soon, or else he might not have a computer to come back to!


Oh, man!

October 3, 2009

We go to the park and play football very consistently. I actually mean very-very consistently. Most days we leave the park a couple hours later, sans injury. It's a pretty sweet deal, Wade.

Occasionally, though, one or more of us limp away, gingerly gripping the injured limb/head. Well, yesterday afternoon, we jumped into the Suburban and hauled everyone to the neighborhood park, a lovely place with a nice open area surrounded by sidewalks, basically I'm saying it is perfect to use as a makeshift football field, pre-equipped with sidelines and goals.

Okay, so Jeremy is planning out his and Eric's next play, while I'm grabbing an errant ball from the nearby parking lot. I throw the ball to Jeremy...

It is a line drive, perfect except for the fact that he was not looking at it! Yes, that's right, folks, it knocked the "breath" out of him, hitting him in the region that sits just below the stomach and above the thighs. A very sensitive area.

Well, to say the least, it hurt. A lot. My big tough dude ended up laying down on the ground and passed out for a few moments. Literally, passed out. He doesn't remember the specifics of those few seconds, other than my version of the events. Tonight, he still feels the pain in his groin region!

Oh, man, I feel so horrible, awful, guilty, and sad about this totally unfunny incident, but I still felt obliged to blog all about it, sorry Honey.



October 1, 2009

Okay, so two peanuts walk into a bar...

One of them was a-salted!

Bwaahahahahahahahaha, Bwaahahahahahaha, Bwaahahahahahahaha


A Prickly Pear

Oh, Noah, Noah, Noah! Our little guy is so fiery. (As photo exhibit A portrays)

(Exhibit A)

This is the little guy that Jeremy and I get to face head on each and every day! Oh, it's about as fun as sticking your eye into Exhibit B.

(Exhibit B)

But, in the spirit of full disclosure, he is mostly the sweetest little angel.

(Exhibit C)

And he is no longer our "Terrible Toddler"! He's our Big 3 year old Kiddo! All join me in a beautiful rendition of the Happy Birthday!!!


Totally Scary

Last weekend we made the short jaunt over to Hailey, Idaho to visit Jeremy's wonderful big brother, Brent, and his whole family! We had so, so, so much fun.

Jessica and Travis' little boys are so adorable. Absolutely the sweetest little kiddos. Oh, and my beautiful sister, Ruth, made these delicious scones! With homemade jam, mmmm, it was perfect. And we even floated down the river with them! The only way to describe last Saturday is this one word: bliss!

But... On the way home... Dun Dun Dun... (Ominous Music)...

We nearly ran straight into a deer! And I mean head-on. It didn't even budge until Jeremy almost came to a complete stop.

Jeremy was certainly blessed by Heavenly Father above to have such a clear head that night, well, that and he has the "Speed of a cat, and the reflexes of a mongoose."


'Fraidey-cat, no more!

Okay, okay, so I implore you to take an interesting trip down memory lane back one year all the way back to September 2008 with me.

September was a very interesting experiment for me. I actually posted a blog regarding the Politically Correct usage of words. Specifically, the usage and past terminology of words describing retarded individuals. I am going to post a link (click here) if you wish to review my original blog. Visit it only at your peril...

So, this blog has since supplied me with a year's worth of blogging anxiety. Each time I decide that I want to blog, the thoughts run through my mind "Am I going to be upsetting anyone? Are strangers going to check out my blog and judge me on it?"

Unfortunately, in this world of blogging and internet users, many people are able to explore (and disagree vehemently) the thoughts and moments of anyone. Well, this blog received some very harsh, negative comments. Maybe they were deserved, maybe not.

Tonight though, I took some time and researched the history of my blogs and I noticed an alarming trend. September 2008 contained 10 posts, but up until this September (an entire year later) I had not posted more than 9 posts per month! What is that about?

Am I seriously too afraid of what strangers and people who haphazardly search random blogs are going to think? Well, I am not going to have the 'fraidey-cat attitude anymore!

This brings me to the last little thought that I had tonight. When my unknown commenter (hmshore) accused me of being judgmental and teaching my boys horrible things, how did she find my site? Was she searching the web for any articles containing the word retard, or imbecile, or idiot? How did she happen upon my site, and why was it that I allowed her comments to discourage me from blogging what was in my heart?

Could you imagine?

(Brought to you through inspiration from Yahoo.com). Tonight, as I'm playing on the internet enjoying some quiet time, I see one place where I am virtually guaranteed to have as much quiet time as I want. The Island of Tristan du Cunha...

This beautiful island is actually an old volcano tip that is known as the most remotely inhabited location on Earth. On our planet!!! It is over 1,300 miles away from the closest inhabited city, and over 1,700 from the Mainland!

Could you imagine living in a place that is so raw? According to internet sources, there are about 270 peoples who call this Island home year-round. They only receive their mail once a year, and we freak out if we can't log into our email (or check out what's going on with "The Best is Yet to Come" blog) daily.

Aaahhh, peace at last, peace at last!


So, Let's Gossip...

This post is specially designed for my beautiful friend, Kjerstin. She is such a sweet woman, wonderful mommy, and an absolute inspiration. On top of all that she has the cutest baby in the world, Boston!

I miss sitting around just "gossiping" with you! Come over to visit soon!

An Unread Classic

I love reading; love, love, love it! But the last book that I read left me with a bad taste in my mouth. "Reservation Road" while well written and smart, did not contain what I would consider to be a time-worthy story line. And let's face it; if I'm taking the time to really read any story, I want it to be fantastic. So, now that you have the background story down, I will seg-way into the true meaning of this post.

Today, while looking at our unique array of books that have been collected throughout the years (and preparing for "alone time") I spotted a total classic. Even better than that, I have never read this book!

I am truly excited to read this classic book and am fully expecting great things! Maybe it will even be a good book to share with my favorite little men!


Best Friends

Jeremy is lucky enough to have some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for.

As a B-F-T-P (Blast from the Past)type post, I searched the old photo bank and came up with these photogems!

(Pictured here is Nathan Baldwin, Jeremy [The Big Rig], and Eric Smith)

(Pictured here is Nathan, Justin Rubert, Eric, and Jeremy)

Thank you, guys, for being the best friends ever!


My baby Mikey

I realized yesterday that Mikey simply does not get blogged as much as everyone else in my family. Maybe it's because he just quietly studies the world around him.

One day he will rule us all!

Oh, no!


Traveling Through Time in my Bathtub

After a few days of consideration and thoughtful thought, I have decided to make a blogger post out of my final paper that I wrote for Humanities last block. I was proud of the creativity that was put into this paper, but I know it is not perfect. I'm simply copying and pasting it into this form.

Read on if you would like, absolutely no pressure!

Traveling Through Time in my Bathtub...

My days are full. Waking up at 4:30 in the morning and working a full eight hours before coming home to my house full of young boys and taking care of them. At the end of a long day, I usually like to relax in a warm bubble bath surrounded by candles. Last Friday night, as I was enjoying my end of the week relaxation time, I found myself drifting deep into dreamland.


I awoke, in cold bathwater, deep in Sicily. What was I going to do, I was naked! After quickly donning a toga, I was finally interested in seeing the sites and people around the city. As I walked around, I saw many people working the land, trying to make sure enough food is grown to provide for the entire year. Both peasants and lords worked together, finally resting from the labors, celebrating with church feasts and occasions.

On the street corner, I saw a group of commoners gathered around an easel. Hurrying over to check it out, I saw the visual art piece included below, “Praying Hands.” The artist created this piece of artwork to express the sincerity and devotion of praying to a Heaven Father, regardless of religious preference. Many of the observers that were admiring the artwork alongside me did not have any information about the whereabouts of this piece of beautiful and serene artwork. I could tell that this piece was made through sketching and shading on a canvas background. “Praying Hands” shows both the lords and the commoners the importance of showing the Gods their appreciation.

Many of the people walking through the streets with me were very melancholy and seemed to be sad. As I asked how they were doing, many told me of the family members and struggles that they had to endure through the Medieval Times, which were rife with Plagues and death. Instead of turning away from the Gods, many people became more religious and pious, which was truly represented in the portrait of “Praying Hands.” Street corners and gathering places were packed with traveling merchants and returning crusades telling anyone who would listen to stories of travels to Asia, the Middle East and Africa. These new stories told of adventures and lands of new learning about the earth and the human body. As I looked around the city, I saw many art pieces that were religious in nature. As I looked closer at “Praying Hands” I thought of how this art piece would still be valued in modern-day cultures because it portrays the never ending presence of Gods in our lives and reminds us of the power of prayer. After a long day of walking and looking at these beautiful art pieces, I finally fell asleep in a peasants’ home.


Rocking back and forth, I finally awoke in a boat. After asking the captain and crew I found out I was on my way to Italy. Upon arrival, I was thrust into the hustle and bustle of cultural and intellectual creativity. The Italian Renaissance had arrived. As I walked around, talking to people I met on the street, I found that many people did not agree with the medieval civilization anymore. More concerned with the physical world, including the body and humanism, artists reflected this in all facets of the society. Leonardo DiVinci sketched a piece of artwork that was so proportionally correct and anatomically accurate portraying the human body for what it is.

The purpose of this piece was to show the human body, flaws included. I met a man in a toga, named Jacob Burckhardt, on the street and asked him what his take on the “Vitruvian Man” was. He said that “man was conscious of himself only as a member of a race, people, party, family, or corporation – only through some general category.”

This piece of artwork was made as a simple sketch, from the great artist Leonardo DiVinci. He was studying the human body, many times by collecting deceased bodies illegally from the graveyards and taking extreme measurements on them. As he averaged all of these lengths out, in his genius he discovered similarities between all different humans. Leonardo DiVinci was not satisfied by simply creating artwork that was more pleasing to the eye. He desired to show the true nature of human beings, including their faults. The culture was consumed with attempting to learn as much as possible about how human beings think, work, and basically continue to live. Many of these aspects that I was witnessing on the street seemed to be a continuation and follow through of the ideas set forth in the previous age.

As I listened to intellectuals discuss the “Vitruvian Man” I found out that this art piece showed the importance of humanism in the current culture. Other artwork pieces around me also were based upon seeing the true nature of humans and life in general. The “Vitruvian Man” is an amazing testament of how intellectual and intrinsic the artists of the day were.

It has been such a long hard day, crazy and busy, searching all the nooks and crannies throughout Italy in search of the next great artist. A family, living in poverty, so kindly invited me to dinner and to spend the night with them, I was obliged to accept their generous offer of friendship, and after a filling dinner, I fell promptly asleep.


Waking up with the twisting and the steady bumps felt only while riding on horseback, I opened my eyes to witness myself crossing the border from Italy to Northern Europe. Upon entering the city, I quickly spotted the center of art. A beautiful profile portrait was being created.

Even after asking around, I was unable to find out the artists’ name or location. The painting is a simple yet elegant profile of Matteo Olivieri. This beautifully colored and richly lavish painting was apparently being commissioned through Matteo’s son, Michele, who also had a painting completed. I thought it was mildly strange that Matteo appeared to be a young man, the same as the portrait created by his son, who by best estimations was at least 65 years old at the time of the setting. The observers informed me that many of these types of portraits were created as commemorations of their dead family member, wishing to remember them in health rather than in failing health. One comment I overheard from the art critic Alberti was that a portrait “like friendship can make an absent man seem present and a dead one seem alive.”

The portrait was created by using vibrant colors on a canvas. The artwork reveals the artistic views and power based laws of the renaissance ages. Many of the artworks surrounding us were independent portraits of individuals and their accomplishments, along with fame. This type of artwork that portrayed even the common people was becoming more commonplace and showed us the desires of the people were switching from religious consciousness to personal choices and popularity to overrule the lifestyle and traditions. After more walking and talking to individual residents of Northern Europe, I spotted a shady spot underneath a tree of lilacs and drifted into sleep.


Muffled knocks on the door, slowly waking up and coming out of sleep, I came out of my fog and realized that I was back in my bathroom in the bathtub. The candles had burnt out and I was freezing cold from the cooled water. As I got out and began drying off, I pondered the different situations and cultures that I had just visited. I had learned about three very distinct, yet closely related cultures, all of which have given us beautiful and lasting impressions into their worlds and daily lives.

(I have not included the references from where I got the information used in this paper, but there were many!)


Check out my new diggs!

For those of you who don't know yet, I got a new job!!! And I am officially introducing you to my new office space.

After only 3 more weeks of training, I will officially be a Technical Support Agent for Verizon Wireless and Alltell Cellular Phone Companies. That's right, when you have troubles logging onto your Blackberry or can't seem to find the right button to turn your phone off, I will be there... Patiently waiting in my cubicle for you to call me.

For those of you who can't sit still out of the pure excitement of the moment, I completely understand and I am opening up my comments section to all of you... Go right ahead...

In addition to my totally exhilerating work life, I am super duper pleased to announce that I just received my final grades for my last two courses through the University! I got a "B+" in Humanities and the Arts, and a beautiful "A" in my Early American Education course. (If popular demand requests, I may include a post of my creative final paper that I wrote for Humanities???)

Once upon a time...

there was a little strange creature.

I believe his name was Timo (mmm, is he related to anyone reading this?)


This Way...

Ok. (This is the absolute last time that I will mention this, I promise)

Yesterday evening, after the kids new schools' open house, we went into downtown Boise to go to Winco (of course, where else would we be going?) to grab some groceries. Downtown resembles a square grid of mixed one-way and two-way streets.

As my wonderfully handsome husband Jeremy creeps slowly closer to old age, he is showing the very beginning signs of dementia. Bobbing his head along with the ipod that is blasting through the speakers of our yacht sized Suburban, he wasn't completely paying attention to the road.

Turning left onto a right-turn only street, being bombarded with honking horns, bright red mustangs coming straight for us, and those pesky street people pointing and laughing. Okay, okay, it wasn't that bad! The one red mustang coming toward us honked in disapproval and two fellas sitting on the curb watched in amazement as Jeremy expertly committed himself to a full 3-point (or was it 8?) turn trying to get our gigantic vehicle out of the way.

It was so funny, and it truly doesn't happen often that Jeremy makes a boo-boo while driving, so I needed to jab him! Unfortunately, I promised that I wouldn't tease forever! I love you, honey!


Simply Titled ~

Remembering and missing Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rigby and St. Anthony...


What?!? 2 Posts in 1 Day?!?

Shocking, Mind-Blowing, (insert other adjective here).

Weeks ago, we made an appointment for our little Timo, Noah and Mikey to get their immunization shots. And ever since we made this appointment, we were talking it up! You know the scoop, "Oooh, 2 more weeks until shots!" and "Are you nervous for your shots?"

So, yesterday as we were making our way to get the shots, Noah says "Are you going to kill me?"

Aaaahhhh, all this time he's been going along with it, and thinking he's going to be killed!

The story ends on a good note, though. Timo went first; just like a man - he didn't even yelp! Then Noah went; he was crying when the nurse was just cleaning his leg! And Mikey; well, Mikey didn't like it at all.

And we all felt bad! :(


Finally Back Home

Sorry about the tardiness of this post to my loyal readers!

But in my defense, it's been a busy week! We have moved back home. We are finally in Boise again. When we left Tacoma, we told everyone we were moving to Boise, but actually we only made it as far as Nampa! Stinky, fly filled Nampa (for more information on the stink and flies - please click here).

Earlier this month, we were told by the bank that they were generously giving us 2 weeks to move out! Luckily, we made a phone call to our previous landlord in Boise, and she welcomed us back with open arms.

It is so wonderful to be back in Boise, nearer to city life that we have been missing! We are once again close to a variety of parks, bike trails, and best of all Boise State!

Moving is hard work! And I dread doing it ever again. But the awful truth is that we will eventually move again, and I will hate it then too. The boys are awesome about all the changes they've had to endure, but they are as worn-out as both Jeremy and I am!

Boise, we are home!