Back to blogging

Okay, so with some awkwardness, I have decided to begin to blog once again... hopefully this time I will keep up with it! 

So, as a quick update, we are all doing good and the boys are growing older and older. Somehow they always manage to do that even when I keep forbidding it! We've spent a lot of time this summer swimming, playing sports, and just hanging out. It has been relaxing and comfortable. 

I have been taking a little break on school but this fall I will begin the last push towards finishing. Student teaching is so exciting it's going to make it even more real that I will one day (soon!) be a teacher in my own classroom! I hope you're looking forward to lots of posts about how confusing/awesome/scary/amazing that experience will be. :) 

Oh, these are the best little monsters in the world!
(Photos taken with Instagram by me!)

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